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I explore the formation and evolution of the first galaxies in our Universe.

I am a post-doctoral researcher (former SNSF post-doctoral fellow) at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech. My main interests include early galaxy formation at very high redshifts and the physics of star-formation quenching in massive galaxies at intermediate redshifts.

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Science Highlights

After a break, ALMA is taking data again for our survey ALPINE, which measures C+ in 122 main-sequence galaxies in the early Universe at redshift z > 4, or 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang! We hope to have all galaxies observed by February this year!


My research focuses on the study of galaxies in the early universe. I am the North-America lead of ALPINE, a 70h ALMA program to study the dust and gas properties of galaxies in the early Universe. I am part of the COSMOS survey and involved in future missions such as Euclid, WFIRST, and the Canadian ultra-violet space telescope CASTOR. Furthermore, I lead science and technical studies for ISCEA, a SmallSat being developed at Caltech/IPAC.


I am leading and co-leading outreach initiatives in and around Los Angeles. Follow me on social media and learn about ongoing science and upcoming astronomy outreach events.


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