Ay126: Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium


Lecture Times

Monday        9 AM - 10 AM

Tuesday       9 AM - 10 AM

Thursday      9 AM - 10 AM

Office Hours

Monday        11 AM - 12 PM     (TA office hours)

Thursday      10 AM - 11 AM     (problem solving session)


Anneila Sargent [afs (at) astro.caltech.edu, 215 Cahill and 100 Parsons-Gates]

Nick Scoville [nzs (at) astro.caltech.edu, 213 Cahill]

Teaching Assistant

Allison Strom [astrom (at) astro.caltech.edu, 264 Cahill]

Primary Texts

Kwok (K): Physics And Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium

Clarke & Carswell (CC): Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Grading and Collaboration Policies

Weekly problem sets: 60%

Final exam: 40%

You may (and probably should) discuss issues with the problems together, but you must write up your own solutions!