SN 2004dj:

This SN was discovered by K. Itagaki (IAUC 8377) on July 31. There is no prior photometry obtained recently, so no limit on age at discovery. At V~11 mag, this SN is the brightest in the last decade (since 1993J).

The host galaxy NGC 2403 is at z=0.000437 (NED).

A spectrum obtained by Patat and collaborators (IAUC 8378) on Aug 3, 2004, indicates it is a type II-P SN

This SN is the target of an HST follow-up campaign on DD time, PI Filippenko.

The SN has been detected in the radio (IAUC 8379) and has been observed in X-rays by XMM and Chandra (IAUC 8390)