The First Informal Zwicky SN Workshop, Pasadena 2004

SN 2003ja in NGC 846, as imaged by the robotic Palomar 60"
Image credit: B. Cenko and the robotic P60 team

MOTIVATION: Several astronomers at Caltech and Carnegie are currently interested in supernovae: as cosmic explosions, as the death of massive stars, nucleosynthesis, and as cosmic yardsticks. Observers at Carnegie are mounting a major campaign using C40, C100 and Magellan. The venerable P48 telescope is being pressed again onto SN science but with CCDs -- the Quest project. The newly roboticized P60 is being dedicated to transient astronomy research. Swift, a hard X-ray MIDEX, is expected to launch in June 2004. Swift may identify many examples of the much sought after nearby supernovae with high energy emission (SN 1998bw/GRB 980425) and argued to be engine driven explosions (as opposed to hydrodynamic explosions). Finally, NUSTAR, a SMEX mission with gamma ray nucleosynthesis as one of its three main goals, has just entered Phase A studies (PI, Fiona Harrison). Given the disparate interests but common objects of interest we are organizing a meeting to bring astronomers at Carnegie & Caltech together.


Dr. Avishay Gal-Yam, Postdoctoral Scholar,
Dr. Derek Fox, Postdoctoral Fellow,

Date and location: Saturday, January 17, 2004, Carnegie Auditorium, OCIW, 813 Santa Barbara St', Pasadena.


FIRST SESSION (Chair: A. Gal-Yam)

09:00 Welcome (S. Kulkarni & W. Freedman) Presentation (PPT)
09:10 Overview of the Carnegie SN program (W. Freedman, OCIW) Presentation (PPT)
09:40 Lick Observatory Supernova Search (W. Li, UCB) Presentation (PPT)

10:10 Coffee Break

SECOND SESSION (Chair: M. Phillips, OCIW)

10:40 SN Factory (M. Wood-Vasey, LBL) Presentation (PDF)
11:10 NUSTAR -- A Hard X-ray/Nuclear Line SMEX (F. Harrison, Caltech) Presentation (PPT)
11:30 The Newly Roboticized P60 (D. Fox, Caltech) Presentation (PDF)
11:50 Super-LOTIS (H. Park, LLNL) Presentation (PPT)

12:10 Lunch

THIRD SESSION (Chair: E. Berger, Caltech)

13:40 The QUEST Supernova Program (C. Baltay, Yale) Presentation (PPT)
14:10 ESSENCE and the CfA SN program (R. Kirshner, CfA) Presentation (PPT)
14:40 NIR Diagnostics for SNe (M. Phillips, OCIW) Presentation (PPT)
15:10 Where Next with SN Cosmology ? (R. Ellis, Caltech) Presentation (PPT)

15:40 Break (Lemonade)

FOURTH SESSION (Chair: D. Frail)

16:10 Search for Engine-Driven SNe (A. Soderberg, Caltech) Presentation (PPT)
16:40 Beyond Mere Collapses: The Collapsar Model (A. MacFadyen, Caltech) Presentation (PPT)
17:00 Pan-STARRS (P. Price, IfA) Presentation (PPT) (PDF)
17:20 Real-Time Optical Transient Detection with RAPTOR (W.T. Vestrand, LANL) Presentation (PPT)
17:40 Open Discussion (A. Gal-Yam, D. Fox & W. Freedman)

18:10 Closing of Meeting

Wine & Cheese

Logistics: Parking will be available at the OCIW parking lot. We will be attempting to supply wireless web access; if you wish to have a backup option available, you may email to register your ethernet card "MAC" address in advance, and you will then be able to plug directly into the Carnegie network (for the day).

Proceedings: No proceedings. We would like to collect .ppt files at the meeting website (with the permission of the speakers).

Registration: No formal registration, and no fees. But we do need to know the number of people attending this meeting, in order to choose the location and prepare refreshments, etc. So: if you think you plan to arrive YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL ASAP to People that arrive without prior notice may find themselves without a chair.

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