BICEP online cryostat monitor

You are experiencing RUN 8 (7/5/2005): BICEP is back in action and better than ever :-)

Cryostatus is changing from gfridge to netdatatest for updates...

Buddy and Cap'n Squid say: "Light goes in, signal comes out!"

Last website update: Thu Aug 25 09:02:04 PDT 2005
Plots updated every 15 minutes; refresh or shift-refresh your browser for most recent ones
Plots are shown for full run time, and last two hours

Current helium level: 34.38 inches (Thu Aug 25 09:00:10 PDT 2005)

Focal plane temperatures:

Evaporator temperatures:

Heat switch temperatures:

Pump temperatures:

Pump voltages:

Heat switch voltages:

Pump currents:

Heat switch currents:

Electronics box temperatures:

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