Curriculum Vitae

Education, Experiance, and Service


2004: Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Hawaii

2002: M.Sc. Astronomy, University of Hawaii

1999: B.Sc. Honors Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia

Professional Experience

2013 – Present: Member of the professional Staff, Caltech
Associate Research Scientist, Spitzer Science Center

2010 – 2012: Associate Research Scientist, Spitzer Science Center

2007 – 2010: Assistant Research Scientist, Spitzer Science Center

2007: Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology

2004 – 2007: Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

2000 – 2004: Research Assistant, University of Hawaii

2000: Lecturer, University of Hawaii

1999 – 2000: Teaching Assistant, University of Hawaii

1998 – 1999: Research Assistant, University of British Columbia

1997 – 1999: Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia

Leadership Rolls

2012 - Present: CCAT Extragalactic science working group head

2012 – Present: US Euclid Extragalactic science working group leader

2012 – Present: Spitzer Frontier fields initiative Science Lead

2010 – Present: Co-PI of the COSMOS collaboration

Management Experiance

COSMOS: Co-lead with S. Lilly (taking over leadership from N. Scoville as of June 2010), coordinating the efforts of over 150 researchers world wide, leading major North America based funding and observing proposals. I also lead the high-redshfit working group.  I oversaw the observation, reduction, and archiving of all ground based optical and near-IR imaging for COSMOS including data from the CFHT, CTIO, LBT, Subaru, UH2.2m, and UKIRT. This involved coordination of 14 individuals at seven institutions, and developing software for new instruments such as WIRCAM on CFHT.  I am also responsible for quality control on data products delivered to the general astronomical community.

PHAT: Co-lead of the PHotometric-redshift Accuracy Testing (PHAT project with L. Moustakas and H. Hildebrandt.  The goal of this project is to develop robust photometric redshifts for Dark Energy probes and all sky surveys.  We are developing a quantitative testing methodology for Photometric Redshift techniques similar to the STEP project for weak lensing.

Spitzer Archive: Responsible for planning and implementation of a pipeline to produce science quality images and catalogs for all IRAC and MIPS data taken during the Spitzer Cryogenic mission.  These data will be part of the Spitzer Heritage Archive.  Duties involve working with a team of 15 or more scientists, data base managers and software engineers along with an oversight board to implement the software and quality analysis procedures.

Observing Experiance

Space: HST, Spitzer, Chandra, XMM, and Galex

Optical/IR: Extensive experience (over 200 nights) with both optical and IR imaging and spectroscopy including over 75 nights on the Subaru 8.3m telescope, over 30 nights on the Keck 10m telescope, and over 50 nights on the CFHT 3.6m, along with many more on the UH2.2m, UKIRT, Palomar, the CTIO 4m and the KPNO 4m.

Sub-mm: >20 shifts on JCMT with SCUBA, SCUBA-2 and Heterodyne spectrographs, 18 nights on CSO, queue observing totaling over 200h on SMA, PdBI and CARMA. Recently allocated time on ALMA.

Radio: Several programs on the E-VLA, and VLA totaling over 500, programs totaling more than 30h on the VLBA.


Commissioning: Member of the commissioning team for the Rockwell NGST detector test system (ULBCAM) on the UH2.2m telescope. This instrument was the first IR mosaic camera in operation and the first to use HAWAII-2 arrays.

Shared risk observer with SCUBA-2, Keck DEIMOS, UKIRT WFCAM, CFHT WIRCAM, CFHT Mega-Prime, Subaru Suprime-Cam, Subaru CISCO.

Development: CCAT, leadof the extragalactic science working group developing design specifications and proposals.

Euclid (DUNE), member of the proposal science team.  Developed the science case, camera specifications, and photometric redshift requirements.

Software: Developed a pipeline that autonomously categorized, reduced, masked, and photometered all IRAC and MIPS Sptizer Cryogenic data.  The system also performs automated QA on the resulting data.

Developed the algorithms and procedures used by Terapix for the first pass reduction (bias subtraction, flat fielding, cross talk correction) CFHT WIRCAM data.

Developed a reduction pipeline for mosaic CCD and IR instruments that uses parallel processing and I/O on computing clusters.  Currently work with ACS, Suprime-Cam, Megaprime, CFHT-12K, WIRCAM, WFCAM, and ULBCAM data.

Community Service

Time Allocation: Have been a memebr of the JVLA, Taiwanese CFHT, and University of Hawaii TAC.

Publication Referee: Referee for Nature, ApJ, ApJL, MNRAS and A&A.

Review Panels: Member of the Plank Point Source Pipeline review board.

Other: Member of the Caltech Children’s Center Board of Directors.  Member of the Strategic Planning and Development Committee for the Caltech Children’s Center.

Meetings Organized

June 2013:“10 years of COSMOS”, Kyoto, Japan

March 2013:“Infrared and Submillimeter Probes of Gas in Galaxies: From the Milky Way to the Distant Universe”, Pasadena, CA

June 2012:“African COSMOS”, science team meeting and exhibit at the Smithsonian national museum of African art, Washington, DC

Jan 2012:Synergies with the next generation of Sub-mm instruments, Herschel, SCUBA-2, AzTEC, ALMA, and LMT, Honolulu, HI

Dec 2011:Spectroscopic surveys with FMOS and DEIMOS in HST fields

June 2011:COSMOS team Meeting, Zurich, CH

Awards and Grants

Honors and Awards

2013:NASA Public Service Achievement Award as lead of the “Spitzer Enhanced Imaging Products and Source List” project.

2010: NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award for “IRAC Warm Instrument Characterization”.

2007: Promotion to Senior Research Fellow at Caltech

2004: University of Cambridge IoA Fellowship (declined)

2004: University of Hawaii Graduate Student Research Award

1994: University of British Columbia David Crombie Entrance Scholarship


2014: HST Cycle-21, PI: P. Capak/A. Karim, “Formation of the primordial Red Sequence”

2012-Present: Spitzer Cycle-9 Exploration Science, PI: Capak "SPLASH: Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam"

2012-Present: US Euclid Science Team, PI: J. Rhodes

2012-Present: Chandra XVP, PI: F. Civano, "A COSMOS Legacy Survey with Chandra"

2011-2013: HST Archival Proposal, PI: B. Mobasher, “Galaxy Evolution Studies from High Precision Panchromatic Photometry of Hubble and Spitzer Survey Fields

2011-2013: Cycle 8 Spitzer Program, PI: C. Scarlata, “The Spitzer IRAC-MIPS Extragalactic Survey: imaging of the South Ecliptic Pole

2009-2012: ADP Program, PI: H. Teplitz, “SAFIRES: Spitzer Archival FIR Extragalactic Survey”

2009-2012: Spitzer Exploration Science Program, PI: K. Sheth “The Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies”

2008-2012: Cycle 5 Spitzer Program, PI: P. Capak, “A detailed study of the high redshift universe”

2008-2012: Cycle 5 Spitzer Legacy Program, PI: N. Scoville, “The Green Valley IRS Legacy Survey"

2007-2010: Cycle 8 Chandra program, PI: M. Elvis, “The Chandra COSMOS Survey”

2006-2009: Cycle 3 Spitzer program, PI: D. Sanders , “SCOSMOS: The MIPS Deep Survey of the COSMOS 2-Sq Degree Field”

2005-2008: Cycle 2 Spitzer program, PI: D. Sanders, “SCOSMOS: The Spitzer Deep Survey of the HST COSMOS 2-Degree ACS Field”

Lectures and Presentations

Invited Talks

Sept 2013: CCAT Preliminary Design Review, Boulder, CO

Sept 2013: 10 years of Spitzer Aniversary Celebration, Pasadena, CA

Sept 2013: Photometric Redshifts for Cosmology, Taipei, Taiwan

July 2013: ASIAA Taiwan Colloquia

June 2013: Aspen workshop on weak lensing cosmology, Aspen, CO

May 2013: High-redshift galaxies with Hyper-Suprime-Cam, Kyoto, Japan

March 2013: University of Minnesota Colloquia

March 2012: University of Maryland Colloquia

February 2012: Growing Black Holes in COSMOS

November 2011: UCSB Colloquia

October 2011: Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe, Hualien, Taiwan

June 2011: COSMOS Team meeting, Zurich, Switzerland

May 2011: Yale Astronomy Colloquia

April 2011: HEAD Talk at Harvard/CFA

October 2010: Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective, Guilin, China

May 2010: Greater IPAC Science Symposium, Pasadena, CA, USA

March 2010: NRAO colloquia in Soccoro, NM, USA

November 2009: The Gaseous Evolutions of Galaxies, Ringberg, Germany

October 2009: Colloquia at UC Riverside, Riverside, CA, USA

October 2009: Reionization to Exoplanets: Spitzer's Growing Legacy, Pasadena, CA, USA

October 2009: IPAC Colloquia, Pasadena, CA, USA

September 2009: Keck Infrared Instrumentation Meeting, Pasadena, CA, USA

Feb 2009: Colloquia at Princeton, NJ, USA

Nov 2008: Colloquia at UC Davis, Davis, CA, USA

Nov 2008: Colloquia at Lawrence Berkley National Lab, Berkley, CA, USA

Sept 2008: Colloquia at University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy, Honolulu, HI, USA

August 2007: Legacy of Multi-wavelength surveys, Xining, China

April 2007: Colloquia at the UC, San Deigo, San Deigo, CA, USA

Feb 2007: Colloquia at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA

Contributed Talks

May 2013: Greater IPAC science symposia, Pasadena, CA

March 2013: “Infrared and Submillimeter Probes of Gas in Galaxies: From the Milky Way to the Distant Universe”, Pasadena, CA

Jan 2012: “First Release of the Spitzer Source List”, AAS, Austin, TX

Dec 2011: “Deep spectroscopy of the high-redshift universe”, Honolulu, HI

Jan 2011: “Extreme Star Formation and AGN Activity in a Massive Protocluster at z=5.3”, AAS, Seattle, USA

July 2010: “Photometric Redshifts for Lensing: Lessons from the COSMOS Survey”, DUEL Meeting: 10 years of Cosmic Shear, Edinburg, Scotland

June 2010: “A large Proto-Cluster at z=5.3”, COSMOS team meeting, Honolulu, USA

Sept 2009: Keck Science Meeting, “Spectroscopy of  z>7 galaxies”

July 2009: The Ly-Alpha Universe, Paris, France, “The mass and luminosity function of Ly-alpha emitters at z=5.7”

June 2008: “High mass and High starformation rates at High redshifts”, Cosmos Team Meetin”,Paris, France

December 2007: “New views of galaxy formation with COSMOS-21”, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution,Hayama, Japan

June 2007: “A detailed study of the 4.5<z<6 universe”, COSMOS team meeting, New York, New York

May 2007: “Evolution of the Morphology Density and Star Formation Density Relation Between 0 < z < 1.2”, American Astronomical Society Meeting 207, Honolulu, HI

September 2006: “A possible Mass-Density relation at z=5.7”, COSMOS team meeting, Munich, Germany

April 2006: “Evolution of the Morphology Density Relation Between 0 < z < 1.2”, Galaxies and Structures through Cosmic Times, Venice, Italy

January 2006: “Evolution of the Morphology Density Relation Between 0 < z < 1.2”, American Astronomical Society Meeting 207, Washington DC

May 2005: “Evolution of the Morphology Density Relation Between 0 < z < 1.2”, COSMOS team meeting, Kyoto, Japan           

January 2005: “Evolution of the Galaxy Luminosity Function Between 0.5<z<5”, American Astronomical Society Meeting 205, San Diego, CA

October 2003: “Constraining the Star Formation History with Photometric Redshifts”, Multiwavelength mapping of galaxy formation and evolution, Venice Italy


Teaching and Mentoring


2013-Present: Supervising Posdtoc C. Steinhardt  working on the “Spitzer Wide Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam: SPLASH”

2009-2013: Co-Supervising Postdoc D. Hanish with H. Teplitz at IPAC.  Working the analysis of archival Spitzer 70 and 160mm data to study the evolution of the Quasar population.

2009-2011: Co-Supervising Posdtoc Y. Kakazu with Dr. N.Z. Scoville at Caltech.  Working on analysis of metalicity and physical properties of z>4 galaxies.

2008-2011: Co-Supervising Postdoc H. Fu with Dr. L. Yan and Dr. N.Z. Scoville at Caltech.  Working on the analysis of IRS spectra in the COSMOS field and AGN/Galaxy co-evolution.

Graduate Students

2009-Present: Co-supervising D. Masters ( PhD. student at UC Riverside, supervisor Dr. B. Mobasher).  Probing the faint end of the Quasar luminosity function at 3<z<6 and analyzing high high S/N Keck DEIMOS spectra to measure galaxy properties. Dan Masters is currently a Carnegie Student Fellow and was an IPAC student fellow in 2010-11.

2009-2012: Mentoring 3rd year PhD student S. Manohar at Caltech (supervisor Dr. N.Z. Scoville).  Measuring the mm properties of 160um selected z~2 ULIRGS in COSMOS. 

2008-2012: Mentoring 4th year PhD student D. Newman at Caltech (supervisor Dr. R.S. Ellis).  Developing photometric redshifts for weak and strong lensing applications.

2005-2009: Mentored PhD student J. Kartaltepe at the University of Hawaii (supervisor Dr. D.B. Sanders).  Studies of galaxy mergers and obscured star formation.   Currently a Hubble Fellow at NOAO with Dr. M. Dickinson.

Undergraduate Students

2013: Supervised Caltech undergraduate SURF D. Wang.  Worked on improved methods for multi-wavelength source detection with Hyper-Suprime-Cam. 

2013: Supervised Caltech undergraduate SURF Student S. Dolan. Developed highly parallezed model fitting code for photometric redshifts.

2010: Supervised Caltech undergraduate SURF Student J. Scott.  Worked on measuring the evolution of light profiles for passive galaxies at z<2. 

2009: Mentored Caltech undergraduate student Gongjie Li.  Compared starbusrt 99 models to deep Keck DEIMOS spectra of 4<z<6 galaxies to determine the age and dust extinction in galaxies.  Currently a Ph.D. student at Harvard.

2006: Mentor for Caltech SURF program, Student: R. Cook, “Testing Evolutionary Population Synthesis Models using Average Galaxy Templates in the Wavelength Range 0.09 – 2.5µm”, now a Ph.D. student at Brown.

2004: Mentor for REU summer program, Student: J. Blazek, “Evolution of the Two-point Correlation Function in Narrow Redshift Bins at z<2” research presented at 2005 summer AAS, now a Ph.D. student at Stanford


2000: Lecturer for Astronomy 101, “Introduction to Astronomy”, summer session at the University of Hawaii

1998-1999: Lab instructor for Physics 101 and Astronomy 101 at the University of British Columbia

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