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DS9 Mask Overlay Tool

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This tool makes a ds9 region file based on the output of the
DEIMOS simulator software dsim. It can write the regions to a
file with the -r option and directly send it to ds9 with
the -d option.

The text file is the only required input to this program, but
if only the text file is used the slits will not be the same
dimention as those milled. Instead the slit regions will be
10x1" boxes centered on each object.

If the mask design fits file is also specified with the -f option
the actual milled slits will be overlayed and the object positions marked
However, IDL is required for this functionality.

The -d option requires the XPA tools be installed. You can get
these from SAO at
-f file : specify the .fits mask design file, IDL required.
-r file : write a ds9 region file to the specified file.
-l label the slits with their name and magnitude
-d use XPA to send the region file directy to an open DS9 window
-h output this help info

DSIM input formatting tool

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This is a template to re-format an input catalog to the DSIM format.

Improved Spectroscopic Pipeline for DEIMOS Spectroscopy

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This version of the DEIMOS pipeline has several improvements over the stock pipeline.

  • It automatically handels dithered data
  • It correctly reduces 830l/mm data
  • It corrects for guider drift during observations
  • It scales frames when conditions are non-photometric or seeing is varying
  • It automatically corrects for shifts in the optics which can lead to in-correct positions for "blind" extractions
  • It saves the individual sky-subtracted frames in the final output structurs

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