LEGUS Star Clusters

ic559 Manually ID clusters  (N= 37)
ic559 Auto ID V-band  (N= 24)
ic559 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 5;Nstar= 7)
Artificial Clusters

ngc1705 Manually ID clusters  (N= 21)
ngc1705 Auto ID V-band  (N= 96)
ngc1705 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 12;Nstar= 19)
Artificial Clusters

ugc5340 Manually ID clusters  (N= 22)
ugc5340 Auto ID V-band  (N= 28)
ugc5340 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 12;Nstar= 19)
Artificial Clusters

ugca281 Manually ID clusters  (N= 7)
ugca281 Auto ID V-band  (N= 47)
ugca281 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 6;Nstar= 15)
Artificial Clusters

ngc4449 Manually ID clusters  (N= 188)
ngc4449 Auto ID V-band  (N= 1282)
ngc4449 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 58;Nstar= 34)
Artificial Clusters

ngc5253 Manually ID clusters  (N= 39)
ngc5253 Auto ID V-band  (N= 216)
ngc5253 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 17;Nstar= 24)
Artificial Clusters

ugc685 Manually ID clusters  (N= 11)
ugc685 Auto ID V-band  (N= 18)
ugc685 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 6;Nstar= 15)
Artificial Clusters

ugc1249 Manually ID clusters  (N= 28)
ugc1249 Auto ID V-band  (N= 216)
ugc1249 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 23;Nstar= 24)
Artificial Clusters

ugc7408 Manually ID clusters  (N= 53)
ugc7408 Auto ID V-band  (N= 64)
ugc7408 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 30;Nstar= 11)
Artificial Clusters

ngc4656 Manually ID clusters  (N= 39)
ngc4656 Auto ID V-band  (N= 369)
ngc4656 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 52;Nstar= 22)
Artificial Clusters

ngc5477 Manually ID clusters  (N= 10)
ngc5477 Auto ID V-band  (N= 69)
ngc5477 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 5;Nstar= 16)
Artificial Clusters

ngc4395s Manually ID clusters  (N= 56)
ngc4395s Auto ID V-band  (N= 153)
ngc4395s "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 21;Nstar= 19)
Artificial Clusters

ngc4395n Manually ID clusters  (N= 46)
ngc4395n Auto ID V-band  (N= 51)
ngc4395n "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 17;Nstar= 26)
Artificial Clusters

ugc4305 Manually ID clusters  (N= 37)
ugc4305 Auto ID V-band  (N= 24)
ugc4305 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 10;Nstar= 33)
Artificial Clusters

ugc4459 Manually ID clusters  (N= 18)
ugc4459 Auto ID V-band  (N= 26)
ugc4459 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 5;Nstar= 15)
Artificial Clusters

ugc5139 Manually ID clusters  (N= 12)
ugc5139 Auto ID V-band  (N= 11)
ugc5139 "Training" Clusters and Stars  (Nclust= 6;Nstar= 31)
Artificial Clusters

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