TripleSpec Guider Settings




This dialog box is called by pressing the "Settings" button on the Guider area (bottom right corner) of the Guider GUI.



Settings definitions


Guiding Threshold:

            Sets the threshold required for the guider to assume there is enough signal to guide. If 5 % of the pixels inside the box area have at least a _threshold_ % value of the peak, then the correction will be sent.  Otherwise it will be rejected and an error message will appear on the messages area of the main window ("-34 NO SIGNAL"). Also the "last" LED will be turned off.


Seeing Tolerance:

            Any correction with a value < Seeing_Tolerance will NOT be sent, assuming they are variation due to seeing and not real corrections.



            This is the "attenuation factor" applied to the calculated correction.  This number must be adjusted to avoid overshoot or oscillation on the telescope.


Max Correction rate:

            Sets the maximum rate for the corrections, in seconds.  Any correction calculated before _max_ seconds will not be sent.


Telescope Move Rate:

            Sets the speed at which the telescope will move when a correction is sent (in arcsecs/sec).



            Defines  which algorithm will be used for the guiding process: CMASS (Center of Mass) or QUAD (four quadrant weighting). CMASS is the algorithm used by default.


            Sets a specific position (pixel-precision) for the center of the guide box.  When the box is moved with the mouse this value gets updated and vice/versa.



            Sends an offset for the guide box.  The offset can be specified in pixels or in arcsecs.  If arcsecs are used, Xoff and Yoff become RA and DEC.



            Sets the size of the guidebox at pixel-precision. This can be specified in arcsecs or pixels.