Samaporn (Kaew) Tinyanont

Research Interests: instrumentation, brown dwarf characterization, infrared spectroscopy and spectro-polarimetry, core-collapse supernovae in the mid-infrared


Jorge Llop, Caltech Physics grad student 

Research Interests: instrumentation, integral field spectroscopy, spectroscopy and coronagraphy on segmented telescopes.


Nicole Wallack, Caltech GPS grad student 

Research Interests: exoplanet spectroscopic characterization, transitional and debris disk imaging and modeling.


Jackie Pezzato, Caltech Astronomy grad student 

Research Interests: exoplanet spectroscopy, RM effect, Doppler imaging, instrumentation.


Wendy Ge, Caltech Physics grad student

Research interests: exoplanet spectroscopy, spectro-polarimetry of low-mass companions with WIRC+Pol.

Marta Bryan, Caltech Astronomy grad student

Research interests: long period gas giant planets as tracers of formation histories of exoplanet systems using radial velocity, direct imaging, and high resolution spectroscopy techniques.

Nikita Klimovich, Caltech Physics grad student 

Research Interests: optical physics and instrumentation, adaptive optics systems, and vortex coronagraph design.


Daniel Echeverri, research assistant

Research Interests: optical physics and instrumentation, wavefront control.


Elodie Choquet, Hubble fellow at Caltech

Research interests: star and planet formation processes, as well as instrumentation for high contrast and high angular resolution astrophysics.

Ji Wang, Caltech postdoc

Research interests: Exoplanet detection and characterization using the radial velocity technique and the transit method, high resolution imaging, spectroscopy, and interferometry, planets in multiple stellar systems and planets at wide orbits.

Garreth Ruane, NSF postdoctoral fellow at Caltech

Research interests: optics and instrumentation for astronomical imaging, including coronagraph design and wavefront control.

Jacques-Robert Delorme, Caltech postdoc

Research interests: instrumentation for direct imaging and characterization of exoplanets, coronagraph technologies and wavefront control, fiber injection unit, self-coherent camera. 

Max Millar-Blanchaer, Hubble fellow at JPL

Research Interest: Detection and characterization of exoplanets and debris disks using the Gemini Planet Imager (and other high-contrast imagers). Development of instrumentation and observational techniques for future exoplanet and disk studies. Pushing the use of polarimetry as a tool to characterize extra solar planetary systems.

Ricky Nilsson, Caltech postdoc

Research interests: characterization of planetary systems, involving investigations of exo-Kuiper belts and extrasolar planets (exoplanets), using observational studies of thermal emission and scattering/polarization properties of dust grains, as well as direct imaging and recovery of spectra of young Jupiter-mass planets.

Rahul Patel, IPAC/Caltech postdoc

Research interests: debris disks and planetary systems using infrared space telescopes (e.g. WISE), as well as ground and space-based coronagraphs.

Tiffany Meshkat, IPAC staff scientist (former JPL/Caltech ESI postdoc)

Research interests: understanding exoplanet formation through direct imaging. Optimizing observations and image processing algorithms to directly detect extra-solar planets. 

Henry Ngo, Plaskett fellow at NRC-Victoria (Caltech GPS 2017)

Research interests: search for stellar companions to hosts of hot Jupiters, using the adaptive optics system at the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea. Influence of stellar companions on giant planet formation and evolution.

Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Miller fellow at Berkeley (Caltech Astronomy 2017)

Research interests: innovations in the deteciton of low-mass companions, using Doppler spectroscopy, imaging (e.g. Robo-AO), and imaging polarimetry (e.g. Gemini Planet Imager).

Mike Bottom, JPL engineer (Caltech Astronomy 2016)

Research interests: Instrumentation for exoplanet discovery, particularly high contrast imaging, adaptive optics systems, high-resolution spectroscopy, robotic telescopes. Optical physics, image analysis, novel data analysis techniques inspired by computer vision and machine learning.

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