Astronomy 10 - Introductory General Astronomy

Week 1: Questions about Astronomy
Syllabus (source)
Worksheet: Astronomy and the Scientific Method (source)

Week 2: Electromagnetic Radiation I
Handout: Light and Color (source)
Worksheet: The Electromagnetic Spectrum (source)
Worksheet: Just How Fast is Light? (source) - never used

Week 3: Electromagnetic Radiation II
Handout: Blackbodies and Spectral Lines (source)
Worksheet: Blackbody and Emission-Line Spectra (source)

Week 4: Phases of the Moon
Quiz 1 (not online for security)
Worksheet: Lunar Phases (source)

Week 5: The Solar System
Worksheet: The Celestial Sphere - Lost at Sea (source)
Worksheet: The Great Debate (source) - never used
Worksheet: Orbit Lab (source, gravtut, SSMS 2.0, Planets Orbits)

Midterm 1 Review
Review sheet

Week 6: The Sun
Midsemester Evaluation Form (2004) (source)
Midsemester Evaluation Form (2006) (source)
Worksheet: The Great Ball of Fire (source)
Worksheet: You Are My Sunshine (source) (never used)

Week 7: Measuring Stars
Handout: Measuring the Properties of Stars (source)
Worksheet: Constructing a Temperature-Luminosity Diagram (source, example, key, source data)

Week 8: Solar Evolution
Quiz 2 (not online for security)
Worksheet: Solar Evolution and the Ultimate Destruction of Life on Earth (source, key)

Week 9: Stellar Evolution
Handout: Stellar Evolution - Starbirth to Stardeath (source)
The Fates of Stars (source)
Activity: Student Simulation of an Evolving HR Diagram (slips, source data)

Midterm 2 Review

Week 10: Extragalactic Astronomy and Hubble's Law
Worksheet: Mapping the Cosmos (source)
Worksheet: Hubble's Law and the Expansion of the Universe (galaxies, source, key)

Week 11: Supermassive Black Holes
Worksheet: Star Track 2 - The Search for a Supermassive Black Hole (source, key)
Worksheet: The Big Mama in M104 (source, key)

Week 12: Cosmology
Worksheet: Dating the Universe (source)
Worksheet: Mists of Time (source)
Worksheet: Light Energy, Dark Energy (source, key)

Final Review

Astro 300 Project
Cosmic String: Cosmological Time in Perspective (source)