Astronomy 12 - Introductory Planetary Astronomy

Introductory Material: Time and Space
Syllabus (2005)
Syllabus (2006)
Worksheet: The Scale of Interplanetary Space and Cosmic Time

Moon Phases and the Celestial Sphere
Worksheet: The Moon
Worksheet: The Celestial Sphere
Worksheet: Phases of the Moon

Physics of Light
Worksheet: Blackbody and Emission Line Spectra

Gravitation and Orbits
Worksheet: Gravity Lab
Worksheet: Orbit Lab
Gravity Tutorial
Solar System Motion Simulator v2.0

Radioactive Dating
Worksheet: Radioactive Decay
Worksheet: Isochron Dating

Earth Geology
Worksheet: Planet 3 - Earth

Worksheet: Breaking the Carbon Cycle - Atmospheric Catastrophe
Worksheet: Atmosphere and Temperature

Inner Solar System
Worksheet: Inner Planets
Worksheet: Next Door Neighbor - The Moon
Worksheet: Mercury and Venus
Worksheet: Earth, Moon and Mars
Worksheet: Mars - The Red Planet

Outer Solar System
Worksheet: Outer Planets (Key)

Meteorites, Comets, and Asteroids
Worksheet: Space Rocks from Space (requires meteorite samples!)
Worksheet: Rock and Ice - Asteroids and Comets
Worksheet: Cometary Compositions (never used)

The Sun and Stars
Worksheet: The Sun
Worksheet: Stellar Evolution

Review Materials
Midterm Review Questions (2005)
Midterm Key Terms (2005)
Final Review Questions (2005)
Solar System Review Sheet (2005)
Midterm 1 Review Sheet (2006)
Midterm 2 Review Sheet (2006)
Final Exam Review Sheet (2006)