I am currently a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech. I was a Hubble Fellow here from 2011-2014, and am currently supported by a GO grant associated with my large-program Spitzer survey of high-z host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts. Most of my research revolves around the observational study of gamma-ray bursts, their afterglows, and their host galaxies. I have been involved extensively with afterglow follow-up using robotic telescopes (formerly KAIT and PAIRITEL, now with the Palomar 60-inch) as well as with spectroscopy on large-aperture telescopes (Keck and Gemini) of events spanning a redshift range of z=0.01 to z=8.2. A particular emphasis of my work has been the environments and especially the host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts, and connecting this study to broader questions of galaxy evolution and cosmology. More recently, I have extended my research to other extreme transients (such as luminous supernoave and their host galaxies) and to target-of-opportunity studies of "ordinary" supernovae (I have acquired the earliest-ever spectrum of a core-collapse supernova.) Some particular research questions I've been interested in:

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