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I plan to show a scientific snapshot of my work here from time to time. As my latest paper is still in the refereeing phase, I'll just show just some old results from one of my diploma papers here for now.

Riechers et al. (2005)

Based on the ISO infrared spectrum, multi-phase photometry, and near-infared visibilities at 74 mas resolution, we have modeled the variability of the OH/IR star OH 104.9+2.4 and the response of its circumstellar dust shell. Due to the source's spherical geometry, it turned out to be sufficient to derive analytical solutions of the spherically symmetric radiative transfer problem. Here, a selection of results with a modified version of the DUSTY code (Ivezić et al. 1999) are shown for three pulsation phases of this LPV (P=1503 d).
(top left) ISO spectrum and model at the corresponding phase. (top right) K-band visibilities taken in 2002/2003. (middle left) Relative contributions to the total flux. (middle right) Normalized intensities. (bottom left) Dust temperature at different radii. (bottom right) Variation of the optical depth.
See Riechers et al. (2004,2005) for details.
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