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My Telescope Pictures (click images for larger versions)


The MPIfR Effelsberg 100m telescope in Summer 2003. As I forgot my DigiCam, image credits go to Michael Berger.
SAO 6m

The SAO 6m telescope in Winter 2003. Got some pics myself, but liked this one better, so image credits go to Dieter Schertl.

The NRAO Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in Summer 2005. And yes, Effelsberg only looks bigger.

The IRAM 30m telescope in Spring 2005. Nice effective little instrument.

The ESO Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) in Summer 2005. Which is actually the Chilenean Winter.
VSW Bonn

The good old telescope from the Volkssternwarte Bonn in Summer 2005. Argelander did the famous 'Bonner Durchmusterung' there. Never used it, just happened to be in the street where I lived in Bonn. If you ever have the opportunity, make sure to walk along 'Argelanderstrasse', it's worth it.

VLA antenna being upgraded to become a full blown EVLA antenna in Winter 2007 (as indicated by the decent amount of snow falling from the sky). May be considered 20 cm weather I suppose.

CARMA in its C configuration in Spring 2008. It's maintenance day, so the antennas are looking in all kinds of weird directions.