My work, past and present, is described in my curriculum vitae and my LinkedIn profile.


I have been the TA for Ay 101 (Undergraduate Physics of Stars), Ay 124 (Graduate Structure and Dynamics of Galaxies), and Ay 127 (Graduate Cosmology and Galaxy Formation).


I compiled the AstroAdvice web page, a resource for first-year Caltech Astronomy graduate students featuring advice from advanced students.

I serve the department as colloquium speaker lunch coordinator and graduate mentorship program co-coordinator; as organizer of informational sessions on fellowships; as a volunteer for the Stargazing & Lecture Series and Astronomy on Tap outreach programs; as an undergraduate mentor; and as co-coordinator of PMA Division graduate student social events. In the past, I have served as prospective visit coordinator.


I am co-chair of the Graduate Honor Council, which is dedicated to upholding the Caltech Honor Code, and a member of the Everhart Lecture Series committee, which selects outstanding student speakers to give interdisciplinary lectures.

In my free time, I play a very large clarinet (the Eb contrabass) in two Caltech-Occidental ensembles: the Concert Band and Clarinet Choir.