Evan Kirby - Curriculum Vitae


B.S., Physics, honors and distinction
Concentration in Astrophysics

Stanford University June 2004
M.S., Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of California Santa Cruz December 2006
Ph.D., Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of California Santa Cruz June 2009

Research Experience

Center for Galaxy Evolution Fellow UC Irvine
August 2012-
faculty contacts: James Bullock and Crystal Martin
  • origin, evolution, and interpretation of the elements
  • stellar dynamics of dwarf galaxies
Hubble Fellow
August 2009-August 2012
faculty contact: Judy Cohen
  • dynamical and chemical evolution of dwarf irregular galaxies
  • metal loss from dwarf galaxies
  • super-lithium rich giants
  • simple chemical evolution modeling for dwarf galaxies
  • multi-element abundances (Fe, Mg, Si, Ca, and Ti) for individual stars in Milky Way and coadditions of stars in M31 satellites
  • internal chemical dispersions and the destruction of lithium in globular clusters

Detailed Chemical Abundances UCSC October 2006-June 2009
advisor: Puragra Guhathakurta
thesis committee: Puragra Guhathakurta, Sandy Faber, Chris Sneden, Connie Rockosi
  • detailed abundances from moderate resolution spectra (Ph.D. thesis)
  • photometric and Ca II triplet spectroscopic metallicities of resolved RGB stars in the dwarf satellites of M31
  • gradients in the abundances of the satellites of M31 and the Milky Way
  • refining the measurement and [Fe/H] calibration of the Ca II infrared triplet

All-Wavelength Extended Groth International Survey (AEGIS) UCSC January-December 2006
advisor: Puragra Guhathakurta
  • star formation histories of low-mass (log M* < 8.5) galaxies using panchromatic broadband photometry from Spitzer, Palomar, Hubble, CFH, and GALEX and Ha spectroscopy from DEEP

Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe (DEEP2) UCSC September 2004-June 2008
advisor: Puragra Guhathakurta
  • determining the spectroscopic redshifts of single-line emission galaxies
  • confirming the identity of z ~ 5 Lya-emitting galaxies via spectral coaddition
  • locating and identifying serendipitously detected galaxies in two-dimensional spectra

QUEST at DASI (QUaD) Stanford University January 2002-June 2004
advisor: Sarah Church

University of California Los Angeles Research Experience for Undergraduates UCLA Dept. of Physics June-August 2003
advisors: Charles Whitten, Huan Huang, and George Igo

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Mentoring High School Students

  • Zareen Choudhury (Harker School): spectral typing of isolated, massive stars in M31
June 2012-present
  • Caroline Debs (Castilleja School): spectral typing of isolated, massive stars in M31
June 2012-present
  • Paras Jain (Monta Vista High School): conversion of magnesium absorption line equivalent width in stellar spectra to magnesium abundances
June 2012-present
  • Varun Mohan (Harker School): conversion of magnesium absorption line equivalent width in stellar spectra to magnesium abundances
June 2012-present
  • Lucy Cheng (Harker School): coaddition of low signal-to-noise red giant spectra in order to measure the detailed abundance distritbuions of M31 satellite galaxies
June 2011-present
  • Michelle Deng (Harker School): measurement of compositions of Andromeda stars by spectral comparison to Milky Way stars; carbon abundance measurements in stars in Milky Way dwarf galaxy
June 2010-present
  • Andrew Zhang (Harker School): carbon abundance measurements in stars in Milky Way dwarf galaxy
June 2012-present
  • Benjamin Chen (Harker School): conversion of magnesium absorption line equivalent width in stellar spectra to magnesium abundances
June-October 2010
  • Namrata Anand (Harker School, Intel Science Competition National Finalist): spectral coaddition of M31 red giants with the intent of measuring detailed elemental abundances
August-September 2009
  • Kevin Zhang (Harker School): matching observed spectra of M31 red giants to a template library to determine metallicity
August-September 2009
  • Andrew Zhou (Harker School): separating M31 red giants from Milky Way dwarfs

August-September 2009
Mentoring Undergraduate Students

  • Liuyi Pei (Caltech): infrared photometry of globular clusters
August 2009-July 2010
  • Jody Hannibal (UC Santa Cruz): individual and statistical confirmation of M31 red giant identifications
  • Basilio Yniguez (UC Santa Cruz): neural network technique to separate M31 red giants from MW dwarfs
  • Jennifer Consiglio (UC Santa Cruz): optimizing methods to measure the Ca II infrared triplet
  • Octavio Avila (UC Santa Cruz): optimizing methods to measure the Ca II infrared triplet
Fall 2007
  • Heather Kaluna (UH Hilo): measuring redshifts and correlation functions for serendipitously detected galaxies in DEEP2
  • Katharine Fayram (UC Santa Cruz): matching galaxies serendipitously detected in DEIMOS spectra to their photometric counterparts in CFHT imaging
  • Darwin Fernandez (Hartnell Community College): spectral energy distributions in AEGIS

Mentoring Graduate Students
  • Tim Morton (Caltech): abundance distribution of stars in the Kepler field
March 2011-present
  • Drew Newman (Caltech): initial mass function of elliptical galaxies
March 2011-present
  • Xiaoting Fu (National Astronomical Observatories of China): demographics of lithium-rich, evolved red giants
March 2011-present
  • Yang Lei (Peking University): coadditions of stars in M31 and its dwarf satellites in order to measure detailed chemical abundances

November 2010-present
Teaching Assistantships
  • AY2: Introduction to the Universe (UCSC, Prof. Puragra Guhathakurta)
Fall 2005
  • AY2: Introduction to the Universe (UCSC, Prof. Jean Brodie)

Winter 2005
K-12 Outreach
  • Stars, Sight, and Science instructor as part of the California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science (COSMOS) for high school students
Summer 2005
  • Henry's Place volunteer mentoring program for underprivileged elementary schools, Stanford University

September 2001-June 2003
Undergraduate Tutoring and Advising
  • math and physics undergraduate tutor, Stanford University
September 2002-June 2003
  • volunteer peer academic advisor, Stanford University
September 2001-June 2002

Awards and Fellowships

Center for Galaxy Evolution Fellowship, UC Irvine

August 2012-August 2015
Hubble Fellowship, Caltech

August 2009-August 2012
Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz

September 2008-June 2009
Runner-Up, Best Presentation in Physical & Biological Sciences, Graduate Research Symposium, UC Santa Cruz

May 16, 2008
Whitford Prize, for outstanding graduate student completing the second year, UC Santa Cruz

September 2006
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

September 2005-June 2008
Chancellor's Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz

September 2004-June 2005
Jeffrey A. Willick Award, Stanford University, for outstanding graduating physics major

June 2004
David S. Levine Award, Stanford University, for outstanding junior in physics

September 2003

Professional Activities

Palomar Science Meeting SOC

November 2012
SDSS-III/APOGEE External Reviewer

January 2012
Caltech Science Representative to Keck/DEIMOS Upgrade

April 2011-present
Project Scientist, Palomar Double Spectrograph Upgrade

February 2010-present
Caltech/Keck Time Allocation Committee

2010B and 2011A
Subaru/Prime Focus Spectrograph, Galactic Archaeology Working Group

July 2011-present
LSST Working Group, "Milky Way and Local Volume Structure"

September 2010-present
Referee: ApJ, ApJL, MNRAS, A&A, Polish National Science Center, Canadian TAC


Invited Talks

Small Stellar Systems in Tuscany

June 2013

March 2013
UC Irvine Observatory Night

March 2013
Caltech Keck 20th Anniversary Celebration

March 2013
UH/IfA Astronomy Colloquium and Seminar

February 2013
Keck Evening with Astronomers

January 2013
UCSC Astronomy Colloquium

December 2012
IAU Beijing, Complexity and Origin of Massive Star Clusters

August 2012
UCLA Astronomy Colloquium

April 2012
UH/IfA Astronomy Colloquium

March 2012
KITP/UC Santa Barbara, First Light and Faintest Dwarfs

February 2012
UC Irvine, Astrophysics/Cosmology Seminar

February 2012
UC Riverside, Astronomy Seminar

November 2011
Yale University, Astronomy Colloquium

September 2011
UC Berkeley, Theoretical Astrophysics Center Seminar

September 2011
UC Santa Cruz, KraftFest

July 2011
Carnegie Observatories, Colloquium

May 2011
UC Santa Barbara, Astronomy Seminar

March 2011
UC Irvine, Astrophysics/Cosmology Seminar

February 2011
Caltech, Astronomy Colloquium

January 2011
UNLV, Astronomy Colloquium

November 2010
UT Austin, Astronomy Colloquium

October 2010
STScI, May Symposium

May 2010


  • the photography of my wife, a Pasadena and Los Angeles children's photographer
  • classical music, particularly Romantic and post-Romantic composers
  • clarinet
    • winner, 2004 Stanford Concerto Competition, performed Weber's Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in F minor on April 17, 2005, with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra in Memorial Church at Stanford University
    • Stanford Symphony Orchestra, September 2000-June 2004 plus a Carnegie Hall/European tour in June 2002 and a New Zealand/Australia tour including the Sydney Opera House in June 2005
    • Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra, January 1998-June 2000
  • road cycling