Ay 111a, Introduction to Current Research, Spring 2012

Tuesdays, 3-4 pm, in 211 Cahill

The purpose of these seminars is to familiarize the first year Ay graduate students with the research done by our faculty, and thus assist them in choosing their initial research projects. The attendance by the first year students is thus mandatory. Anyone else is welcome to attend. Informal continued discussions after the seminars are encouraged.

Here is the class description from the catalog; students, please note the requirements:

Ay 111 ab. Introduction to Current Astrophysics Research. 3 units; second, third terms. This course is intended primarily for first-year Ay graduate students, although participation is open and encouraged. Students are required to attend seminar-style lectures given by astrophysics faculty members, describing their research, to attend the weekly astronomy colloquia, and to follow these with additional readings on the subject. At the end of each term, students are required to summarize in oral or written form (at the discretion of the instructor), one of the covered subjects that is of most interest to them. Instructors: Djorgovski.

Spring term schedule:

Apr 3

J. Johnson

John's slides (pdf)

Apr 10

F. Zwicky

Those spherical bastards...

Apr 17


John's slides (pdf)

Apr 24


Shri's slides (pdf)

May 1

S. Phinney

Sterl's slides (pdf)

May 8

J. Cohen

Judy's slides (pdf)

May 15

G. Blake

Geoff's slides (pdf)

May 22


Maarten's slides (pdf)

May 29


Mike's slides (pdf)

Winter term schedule:

Jan 10


George's slides (pdf) * CRTS survey

Jan 17


Lynne's slides

Jan 24


Sunil's slides

Jan 31


Tom's slides

Feb 7


Richard's slides

Feb 14


Tony's slides

Feb 21


Christian's slides

Feb 28


Chuck's slides

Mar 6


Greg's slides

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