Ay 127 Readings: Dark Matter

The Nature of the Dark Matter:

I was unable to find a single, comprehensive, modern review of this subject, but there is a lot on astro-ph.

A good, oldish review by Salucci & Persic (1997), available at astro-ph/9703027
An old review by V. Trimble (1987, ARAA, 25, 425) provides a good historical introduction. Take a look also at astro-ph/0002363

Some of the recent debate on the shape of dark halo density profiles is reviewed, e.g., by Navarro (2002, IAU Symp. 208), available at astro-ph/0110680

The subject is now divided into two parts: baryonic and non-baryonic DM.

On the baryonic front, the interesting possibilities include MACHOs, cold gas, and warm gas. A very brief (and perhaps biased) summary is given by Freese et al., astro-ph/0002058

On the non-baryonic front, the currently favored candidates include massive neutrinos, WIMPs and axions.