Selected (Semi)Popular Astronomy/Cosmology Links

Various education and outreach sites:

Clickable Atlas of the Universe
The Physical Universe
Astro outreach at Sonoma State U
AstroEd at UCSD
The Universe Today
Electronic Universe (U Oregon)
Eric's World of Astronomy @
Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Astronomy Cafe
The Planetary Society links
NOAO resource list about the Sun
Cosmic violence!
Jim Kaler's links at UIUC
Rick Pogge's astro teaching resources at OSU

NASA's EPO sites:

HubbleSite and STScI Outreach
CoolCosmos site at SSC (Spitzer...) (flash) or (html)
Chandra public outreach
NASA NSSDC public pages
NASA GSFC public pages
Science@NASA (MSFC)
NASA Space Sciences
Ask a Space Scientist
NASA Origins Program
NASA WMAP mission public pages

Publications and media:

Google Astronomy
Yahoo Astronomy
DMOZ Astronomy gateway
Sky & Telescope
Sky & Telescope astronomy web links
Astronomy magazine
Scientific American
Caltech Libraries astronomy journals and links

More cosmology links:

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial (UCLA)
NAS Cosmology Report (an old, but good overview)
The Great Debates in Cosmology
Cambridge Cosmology Tutorial
Martin White's webpage and links
Joanne Cohn's webpage and links
Sean Carroll's webpage and links
Doug Scott's Cosmology webpage (not for the color-blind)
Joe Mohr's Compton lectures
MIT cosmology links
Andrew Hamilton's cosmology links and his relativity and black holes links
John Baez's relativity on the web
John Gribbin's website
Doug Scott's CMBR webpage
Wayne Hu's webpage
Tony Banday's CMBR links
Some Q&A
LBL Supernova Group
Stephen Hawking's "popular" lectures
Eric Linder's cosmology lectures

Observatories and agencies:

Keck Observatory
Palomar , OVRO , CSO , and other Caltech observatories
ESO public outreach
George's Virtual Observatory links and the U.S. NVO project

Odds & ends:

Celestia (very, very cool)
Great Debates in Astronomy
Astrobiology webpage
SETI Institute
Caltech Astronomy Homepage
Moon map
A very cool powers-of-ten Javascript