Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 2004-2005

Colloquia are held every Wednesday during the academic year at 4pm in room 155 Arms. Tea and cookies are served at 3:45 pm in the astrophysics library located on the 1st floor of Robinson building.

Date: Speaker / Talk Title / Host                                                                                      
September 29
Ken Freeman (Australian National University) Galactic Disks
Host: Wal Sargent
October 6 Scott Kenyon (Harvard-Smithsonian)  Signposts of Planet Formation     
Host: John Carpenter
October 13 Debra Fischer (UC Berkeley)  Updates on Extrasolar Planet Detections
Host: Re'em Sari
October 20 Ray Carlberg (U. Toronto)  Cosmology in The CFHT Legacy Survey
Host: Wal Sargent
October 27 Carolyn Porco (Space Science Inst.) Splendor in the Rings:  What Cassini Found When It Finally Got to Saturn
Host: Judy Cohen
November 3 George Rieke (Steward Obs./ U. of Arizona) New Insights on Galaxies from Spitzer
Host: Andrew Blain
November 10 Reinhard Genzel (MPE Munich)  Spatially Resolved Galaxy Dynamics at High Redshift
Host: Tom Soifer
November 17 Crystal Martin (UCSB)  The Role of Feedback in Galaxy Formation
Host: Andrew Blain
November 24 Thanksgiving  Holiday
December 1 Matthias Steinmetz (Astrophysical Institute Postdam)  Cosmology with the Milky Way
Host: Asanthay Cooray
December 8
Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL) Imaging Debris Disks with the Spitzer Space Telescope
Host: John Carpenter
January 19      2005
Andy Harris (University of Maryland) Molecular Gas in Galaxies
Host: Tom Soifer
January 26 Roger Blandford (Stanford University) Accretion and its Consequences
Host: Re'em Sari

February 2 Marc Kamionkowski (Caltech) Physics of the Dark Side
Host:Andrew Blain
February 9
Tony Readhead (Caltech) Cosmic Background Imager Total Intensity and Polarization Observations of
the Microwave Background (2000-2004)

Host: Tim Pearson
February 16
Richard Ellis (Caltech) Features in the Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies: A Further Probe 
of Dark Energy

Host: Andrew Blain
February 23
Mark Dickinson (NOAO) Deep Spitzer Observations of the Distant Universe from the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey
Host: Tom Soifer
March 2
Tsvi Piran (Caltech) Gamma-Ray Bursts - Enigma and a Tool
Host: Re'em Sari
March 9
Lee Armus (Caltech) Observations of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies with the IRS on Spitzer
Host: Tom Soifer
March 16
Neta Bahcall (Princeton) (POSTPONED) The Dark Side of the Universe 
Host: Judy Cohen
March 30
Niel Brandt (Pennsylvania State University) Deep Extragalactic Surveys with Chandra and XMM-Newton: Keyhole Views of the Distant X-ray Universe
Host: Andrew Blain
April 6
Riccardo Giovanelli (Cornell) On the Structure of Disk Galaxies: an HI Perspective
Host: Wal Sargent
April 13
Lynne Hillenbrand (Caltech) Debris Around Young Suns
Host: Judy Cohen
April 20
Matthew Golombek (JPL) Geology of the Mars Exploration Rover Landing Sites: Climate Change from Wet to Dry
Host: Andrew Blain
April 27
Jill Knapp (Princeton)  (CANCELED) The Field Brown Dwarf Luminosity Function
Host: Judy Cohen
May 4
Amber Miller (Columbia University)  Bumps, Wiggles, and Holes in the Sky; Exploring the Early Universe
Host: Tim Pearson
May 11
Neal Evans (University of Texas)  From Cores to Disks with Spitzer
Host: John Carpenter
May 18
Judy Cohen (Caltech)  Extremely Metal Poor Stars in the Galactic Halo - The Local High Redshift Universe
May 25
Eugene Chiang (Berkeley) Resonant Rings: The Kuiper Belt and Beyond
Host: Re'em Sari
June 1
David Spergel (Princeton)     Probing the Dark Energy (The 7th Annual Greenstein Lecture)
Host: Marc Kamionkowski
June 8
Lars Hernquist (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) Black Holes in Galaxy Mergers
Host: Chuck Steidel


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