Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 2006-2007

Colloquia are held every Wednesday during the academic year at 4pm in room 155 Arms. Tea and cookies are served at 3:45 pm in the astrophysics library located on the 1st floor of Robinson building.


Speaker / Talk Title / Host

September 27

Huub Rottgering (Caltech) LOFAR, and studies of powerful radio galaxies as probes of distant protoclusters


October 4

Daniel Wang (University of Massachusetts Amherst) What is getting in and/or out of nearby disk galaxies?

Host: Sterl Phinney

October 11

Don Brownlee (University of Washington)  Results from the Stardust mission

Host: Fiona Harrison

October 18

Leon Koopmans (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)  Selfconsistent Lensing & Stellar Dynamics:  Probing Galaxies to z=1

Host: Andrew Blain

October 25

Greg Taylor  (University of New Mexico)  Imaging Compact Supermassive Binary Black Holes with the Very Long Baseline Array

Host: Tony Readhead

November 1

Laura Ferrarese (NRC/HIA) The Inner Workings of Early-Type Galaxies: Cores, Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes

Host: George Djorgovski

November 8

Sarbani Basu (Yale University) Trouble in paradise? The tale of solar abundances

Host: Lynne Hillenbrand

November 15

Michael Muno (Caltech) The Ends of Stellar Lives at the Galactic Center


November 22

Stephane Courteau  (Queen's University)  A Revised Model for the Formation of Disk Galaxies

Host: George Djorgovski

November 29

Claudia Maraston (University of Oxford)   A new generation of stellar population synthesis models, and galaxy evoloution

Host: Nick Scoville

December 6

Daniel Eisenstein (University of Arizona) Baryon Acoustic Oscillations as a cosmological probe

Host: George Djorgovski

January 17, 2007

Fred Adams (University of Michigan) The influence of young embedded clusters on star/planet formation

Host: Lynne Hillenbrand

January 24

Nick Scoville/Jason Rhodes (Caltech)  Large Scale Structures in COSMOS: Galaxy Evolution and Dark Matter

January 31

Pieter van Dokkum (Yale) WANTED (dead or alive): the progenitors of massive galaxies 

Host: George Djorgovski

February 7

Bob Kirshner (CfA) Fundamentals of  Supernova Cosmology

Host: Wal Sargent

February 14

Marta Volonteri (University of Michigan) Massive black holes from early times to the present

Host: George Djorgovski

February 21

Jonas Zmuidzinas  (Caltech) Submillimeter astronomy: past, present, and future

February 28

Brenda Dingus (LANL)  Surveying the TeV Gamma-Ray Sky

Host: Fiona Harrison

March 7

David H. Weinberg (Ohio State) What Can We Learn From Galaxy Clustering?

Host: Andrew Blain

March 14

Vicky Kaspi  (McGill) Diversity in Young Neutron Stars:  The High Magnetic Field Puzzle

Host: Rachel Akeson

March 21

Felix Aharonian  (MPI) Ground Based Gamma Ray Astronomy: Status and Perspectives

Host: George Djorgovski

March 28

Rob Kennicutt  (Cambridge)  New Insights into Star Formation in Galaxies from Spitzer

Host: Lynne Hillenbrand

April 4

Michael Liu  (IFA Hawaii) Extrasolar Planetary Systems at High Resolution

Host: Rachel Akeson

April 11

Daniela Calzetti (STScI) Star Formation in Extreme Environments

 Host: Mara Salvato

April 18

Juna Kollmeier  (Carnegie) Lyman-alpha Emission from the Intergalactic Medium

Host: Chuck Steidel

April 25

Pat Cote (Herzberg Inst.) Science Highlights from the ACS Virgo Cluster Survey

Host: George Djorgovski

May 2

Stephen L. W. McMillan (Drexel University) Dynamics of Young Star Clusters

Host: Sterl Phinney

May 9

Jim Cordes (Cornell)  The SKA Science Case

Host: Sterl Phinney

May 16

Avishay Gal-Yam  (Caltech) The Nature of Cosmic Explosions

May 23

John Carlstrom (University of Chicago)   Cosmology with the SZ-Array and the South Pole Telescope (9th Annual Greenstein Lecture)

Host: Chuck Steidel


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