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Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 2007-2008

Colloquia are held every Wednesday during the academic year at 4pm in room 155 Arms. Tea and cookies are served at 3:45 pm in the astrophysics library located on the 1st floor of Robinson building.


Speaker / Talk Title / Host

October 3

Andrew Lange (Caltech) Prospects for Detecting Primordial Gravitational Radiation via the CMB

Host: Judy Cohen

October 10

Jim Braatz  (NRAO)  Megamasers, the Hubble Constant and Dark Energy

Host: Wal Sargent

October 17

Joshua Eisner ( Berkeley) Protoplanetary Disks in the Inner AU

Host: Anneila Sargent

October 24

Joshua Simon (Caltech) Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies

Host: Wal Sargent

October 31

Alison Coil (University of Arizona) The Clustering of Galaxies and Black Holes at z~1

Host: Chuck Steidel

November 7

Mark Krumholz (Princeton University) From Massive Cores to Massive Stars

Host: John Carpenter

November 14

Warren Brown (Harvard) Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center

Host: Judy Cohen

November 21


November 28

Mary Putman (University of Michigan) Fuel for Galaxy Disks

Host: Andrew Benson

December 5

David Wilner (Harvard)  Protoplanetary Disks: Analogs of the Early Solar System

Host: John Carpenter

January 16

Min Yun (University of Massachusetts) AzTEC 1100 Micron Survey of (Sub-)millimeter Galaxies: Cosmic Variance, Large Scale Structure, and the LMT

Host: John Carpenter

January 23

Ed Turner (Princeton University)  Detecting Extrasolar Planets, Plants and Beaches

Host: Wal Sargent

January 30

James Bullock  (UC Irvine) Dark Matter and Dwarf Galaxies

Host: Andrew Benson

February 6

Risa Wechsler (Stanford) Connecting Galaxies, Halos, and Star Formation Rates Across Cosmic  Time

Host: Andrew Benson

February 13

Hal McAlister (Georgia State University  ) An Overview of Results from the CHARA Array on Mount Wilson

Host: Judy Cohen

February 20

Alex Heger (Los Alamos & University of Minnesota) Life and Death of the First Stars

Host: Andrew Benson

February 27

Connie Rockosi (UC Santa Cruz)  The Old Disk of the Milky Way as Revealed by the SEGUE Survey

Host: Judy Cohen

March 5

Lori Allen  (SAO)  Structure and Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters

Host: John Carpenter

April 2

Aristotle Socrates (Princeton) The Eddington Limit in Cosmic Rays: An Explanation for the Observed Faintness of Starbursting Galaxies

Host: Sterl Phinney

April 9

John Carpenter  (Caltech)  First Results from CARMA

Host: Anneila Sargent

April 16

Jason Prochaska  (UC Santa Cruz) Characterizing the ISM of High z Star-forming Galaxies with GRB Afterglow Spectroscopy

Host: Chuck Steidel

April 23

Luis Lehner (Louisiana State University) Numerical Relativity and a new frontier:  Connecting the seen with the unseen.

Host: Sterl Phinney

April 30

Gibor Basri (UC Berkeley) The Search for Earth-sized Planets Around Other Stars

Host: Lynne Hillenbrand

May 7

Gary Sanders (Caltech) The Thirty Meter Telescope Project: Opening the Next Generation of Giant Optical/Infrared Telescopes  

Host: Chuck Steidel

May 14

Maarten Schmidt (Caltech) Luminosity Functions: From Quasars to Gamma-Ray Bursts  (10th Annual Greenstein Lecture)

Host: Lynne Hillenbrand

May 21

Neil Cornish (Montana State University)  Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Host: Sterl Phinney

May 28

Lisa Kewley (IfA Hawaii) The Metallicity and Star-Formation History of Galaxies

Host: Judy Cohen

June 4

Steve Padin (University of Chicago) The South Pole Telescope: a Sunyaev-Zel'dovich survey instrument

Host: Tony Readhead


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