Project: Redshifted 21-cm signal from the cosmic dawn (40>z>15)

The broad theme of my current research focusses on observing the epoch when the first stars and galaxies were assembled in the infant Universe. Astronomers have observed the Cosmic Microwave Backgrouns- a hot plasma soup that came out of the Big Bang, and we have observed all the wonderful stars and Galaxies of today. But we know little about the intervening period when this hot soup cooled down, came together in clumps, and formed the first stars and galaxies.

The first stars and galaxies are so far away that they are too faint to detect by conventional means. Astronomers like me observe the 21-cm line of Hydrogen- the most abundant element permeating the space between these first objects. We can pin down the nature of the first stars by observing how their radiation heats and ionizes the hydrogen around them.

The lines of research described in these sections will give you a more detailed view of the specific work I have done towards achieving the goal of detecting the 21-cm line of hydrogen.

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