This page provides a summary of my teaching experience.

Statistical Signal Processing (Fall 2012 &2013)

I was the Teaching Assistant for Statistical Signal Processing (Fall 2012 and Fall 2013)- a course for undergrads and masters students, taught by Prof. Saleem Zaroubi. I had a fun time designing practical programming exercises and running the weekly tutorials for the course. Saleems's course website can be found here. Programming exercises and solution sets can be found here.

Microwave Engineering II (Spring 2008)

I was the teaching assistant for Microwave Engineering II course, taught by prof. Janaswamy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherts. My work consisted of leading the discussion sessions and the question hours for this course. I also graded all homeworks and projects submitted by students. I received the prestigious Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for the TA work I did for this course.