AY 123: Stellar Structure and Evolution    Spring 2003

Roger Blandford / Judy Cohen
TA: Melissa Enoch 132 Bridge Annex / 212 Robinson Grades: Homework 40%
Grad Student ph. 395-4200 / 395-4005
menoch@astro, 395-4026 rdb@tapir / jlc@astro Final Exam 60%
Room 3, Robinson office hrs by appt (e-mail) ---------- ---

Class WWW URL: http://astro.caltech.edu/~menoch/ay123

Class hours: M 1-2:30, T 9:30-11 -- 106 Robinson

Hansen & Kawaler, Stellar Interiors, 1994
Kippenhahn & Weigert, Stellar Structure and Evolution, 1990

Part I: Overview and Basic Physics
Week Topic (Reading) Homework
1. Overview of Stellar Astronomy, properties of stars, characteristic timescales (RB) TBD Assignment #1 (due 4/8/03)
2. Basic equations of stellar structure (RB) (TBD) Assignment #2 (due 4/15/03)
3. Equations of State, thermodynamic properties,degeneracy (RB) (TBD)
3(con) Opacities (JC) (TBD)
4. Convection, effects on asteroseismology (JC) (TBD)
5. Nuclear Reactions, abundance patterns, isotopes (JC) (TBD)
Part II: Stellar Evolution
6. Numerical methods, construction of stellar models (RB) (TBD)
7. Structure and evolution of low and high mass stars, Pop III stars (JC) (TBD)
Part III: Stellar Atmospheres
8. Stellar atmospheres, stellar spectra (JC) (TBD)
Part IV: Special Topics
9. Interacting binary stars, peculiar abundances, galactic chemical evolution (RB, JC) (TBD)
-------- final exam --------