Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 1999-2000

Colloquia are Wednesdays at 4 pm in room 155 Arms

Tea at 3:45 pm in the astrophysics library in Robinson

October 6 James Graham (UC Berkeley)
Science with Imaging Spectrometers on the Next Generation Space Telescope
October 13 Jerry Nelson (UCSC)
Big Telescopes of the Future
October 20 Davy Kirkpatrick (IPAC)
2MASS L and T Dwarfs: Bridging the Gap between Stars and Planets
October 27 Kim Greist (UCSD)
Dark Matter
November 3 Eric Richards (Arizona State)
The Nature of Faint Radio Sources and their Implication for Galaxy Evolution at High Redshift
November 10 Mark Metzger (CIT)
From Clusters to Superclusters: Probing Structure Formation via Gravitational Lensing
November 17 Mike Bolte (UCSC)
Age of the Universe
November 24 Bob Benjamin (U Wisconsin)
The Atmosphere of the Galaxy
December 1 Crystal Martin (CIT)
Star Formation and Feedback in Galaxies
December 8 Neta Bahcall (Princeton)
The Cosmic Triangle
Jan. 5 Tereasa Brainerd (Boston University)
A Comparison of Simple Mass Estimators for Galaxy Clusters (Tentative)
Jan. 12 David Jewitt (U Hawaii)
The Kuiper Belt: An Evolved Circumstellar Disk
Jan. 19 Jeremy Heyl (CIT)
Shedding New Light on Neutron Stars
Jan. 26 John Mather (GSFC)
Future of Space Infrared Astronomy
February 2 Chris Reynolds (U Colorado)
Probing supermassive black holes with X-ray observations
February 9 Gilles Chabrier (Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon, FRANCE)
Dense objects: white dwarfs, brown dwarfs, exoplanets. From the microphysics to the Galactic implications
February 16 Nick Kaiser (IFA Hawaii)
A New Strategy for Deep High Resolution Wide Field Imaging
February 23 Lars Bildsten (UCSB/ITP)
Gravitational Radiation from Accreting Neutron Stars: Implications for Millisecond Pulsar Formation and LIGO
March 1 Susana Lizano (UNAM)
The Formation of Massive Stars
March 8 Omer Blaes (UCSB)
The State of the Central Accretion Flow in Radio Quiet Active Galactic Nuclei
March 29 Simon White (MPA&ITP)
Simulating the formation of galaxies, clusters and larger structures
April 5 Jeff Valenti (STScI)
Surface Magnetic Field Measurements for Accreting T Tauri Stars
April 12 Lynne Hillenbrand (CIT)
A Star Formation Pastiche
April 19 Eva Grebel (U of Washington)
Evolutionary histories of Local Group Galaxies
April 26 Deepto Chakrabarty (MIT)
Focusing on the X-Ray Sky: The New Era in X-Ray Astronomy
May 3 Luis F. Rodriguez (Inst. de Astronomia UNAM, Mexico)
Microquasars in the Galaxy
May 10 Andrew Lange (CIT)
Recent Observations of the Cosmic Mircrowave Background: What They Tell Us and What They Don't
May 17 Mike Brown (CIT)
The Solar System Beyond Neptune
May 24 Jill Tarter (SETI Institute)
May 31 Kathryn Johnston (Wesleyan)
The Milky Way as a Cannibal. (What was for Breakfast? What is for Lunch? What will be for Dinner?)

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