Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 1996-1997

Note: Effective Sep. 1999, R.Blandford is now the chair of the colloquium committee. This schedule is for historic purposes only.

October 2 Tomislav Kundic (Caltech)
Gravitational Lensing Measurement of the Hubble Constant
October 9 Lisa Storrie-Lombardi (Carnegie Observatories)
High Redshift Neutral Gas: The Interface Between Cosmology and Astrophysics
October 16 Richard Mushotzky (Goddard Space Flight Center)
X-Ray Spectroscopy of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
October 23 Jill Bechtold (University of Arizona)
Star Formation Rates in High Redshift Galaxies
October 30 Julianne Dalcanton (Hubble Fellow, Carnegie Observatories)
Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: Why, Where, When, and How Much
November 6 Luis Ho (CFA Fellow, Harvard University)
The Population of Active Galaxies in the Local Universe
November 13 Roger Chevalier (Professor of Astronomy, U. of Virginia)
The Diversity of Supernovae: SN 1987A ad SN1993J
November 20 Reinhard Genzel (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
Infrared Spectroscopy of Galactic Nuclei with the Infrared Space Observatory
December 4 Jeremy Mould (Director, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Australia)
Interim Report on the Value of H_0 from the HST Key Project
January 8 Arlin Crotts (Columbia University)
Gravitational Microlensing in M31: New Results
January 15
January 22 Bob Kirshner (Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University)
Measuring the Universe with Supernovae
January 29 Ewine van Dishoeck (Professor of Astrochemistry, Leiden University)
ISO spectroscopic results
February 5 Hap McSween (University of Tennessee)
Evidence for Ancient Life in a Martian Meteorite (! or ?)
(a joint astronomy, biology, and geology and planetary sciences colloquium)
February 12 Don Osterbrock (Lick Observatory)
Caltech Astrophysics from Hale to Greenstein 1920-1972
February 19 Crystal Martin (Johns Hopkins University)
The Impact of Star Formation on the Interstellar Medium in Dwarf Galaxies
February 26 Andrea Ghez (UCLA)
Diffraction Limited Imaging of the Galactic Center with the Keck Telescope
March 5 David Roberts (Professor of Astronomy, Brandeis University)
Very Long Baseline Array Observations of Blazars
March 12 Ron Remillard (MIT)
Probing the Pandemonium: RXTE Observations of Galactic Microquasars
March 19 Vera Rubin (Carnegie)
Multi-Spin Galaxies
April 2 Joe Miller (Lick Observatory)
The Structure, Environment, and Evolution of QSOs
April 9 Richard Ellis
HST Imaging of the CFRS and LDSS Deep Redshift Survey Fields
April 16 Margaret Geller (Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University)
Systems of Galaxies and Redshift Surveys
April 23 Ray Carlberg (University of Toronto, Canada)
Cosmological Parameters from Galaxy Clusters
April 30 Lincoln Greenhill (Center for Astrophysics)
Water and the Central Engines of AGN
May 7 Dante Minniti (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
The Structure of the Galaxy Using Variable Stars in the MACHO Database
May 14 Jim McCarthy (Caltech)
Studies of Blue Supergiant Stars in External Galaxies with the Keck Telescopes
May 21 Tim Heckman (Johns Hopkins University)
Starbursts and Cosmogony
May 28 Michael Rupen (NRAO, Socorro)
Unravelling the Outskirts of SN1993J: VLBI Observations of a Nearby Supernova

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