Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 1997-1998

Note: Effective Sep. 1999, R.Blandford is now the chair of the colloquium committee. This schedule is for historic purposes only.

October 1
October 8 Tom Duvall (NASA Goddard/Stanford)
Helioseismology Results from the SOHO Satellite
October 15 Leo Blitz (U.C.Berkeley)
What the High Velocity Clouds Are
October 22 Dale Frail (NRAO)
Shock-Excited Maser Emission Toward Supernova Remnants
October 29 Jean Swank (NASA/Goddard
The Results of the Rossi XTE Explorer
November 5 Daniela Calzetti (STScI)
Dust and Star Formation in UV-Bright Galaxies
November 12 Jeremy Mould (Australia)
The Star Formation History of Galaxies Near Us
November 19 Ed Turner (Princeton)
Gravitational Lenses and the Age of the Universe
November 26 David Schlegel (Univ. of Durham (England))
Galactic Cataracts: An Optician's Cure
December 3 Claire Max (Livermore)
Adaptive Optics and Laser Guide Stars for Astronomy
December 10 Bo Reipurth (Germany)
Herbig-Haro Jets and their Energy Sources
January 7, 1998 Lynne Hillenbrand (Caltech)
Star Formation in the Orion Nebula Cluster
January 14, 1998 Bob Kirshner (Harvard)
Measuring H_o and Omega with High Redshift Supernovae
January 21, 1998 Reinhard Genzel (Germany)
The Galactic Center Black Hole
January 28, 1998 Chris Clemens (Caltech)
Observational Approaches to Stellar Interior Physics
February 4, 1998 Frank Shu (Berkeley)
Protostellar Winds and Jets
February 11, 1998Uros Seljak (CFA)
Cosmology with Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies
February 18, 1998 Michael Rauch (Caltech)
QSO Absorption Lines and the Signature of High Redshift Galaxy Formation
February 25, 1998 George Helou (IPAC)
Star Formation in Galaxies: the News from ISO
March 4, 1998 Marcia Rieke (U. of Arizona)
NICMOS Views the Galactic Center
March 11, 1998 Fred Hamann (U.C. San Diego)
(rescheduled to April 8)
March 18, 1998 Simon Lilly (Toronto, Canada)
The Evolving Galaxy Population
April 1, 1998 Steve Myers (University of Pennsylvania)
Cosmic Paleontology: Baryons and Dark Matter in the Fossil Record of the CMB
April 8, 1998 Fred Hamann (U.C. San Diego)
The Physics and Evolution of Quasar Environments
Dimitar Sasselov (CFA)
April 15, 1998 Roc Cutri (IPAC)
The 2-Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS): Status and Early Results
April 22, 1998 Esther Hu (University of Hawaii)
Lighting Up the Dark Ages with High Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies
April 29, 1998 Pat Thaddeus (Harvard)
Twenty Eight New Carbon Chains Molecules."
May 6, 1998 Pat McCarthy (Santa Barbara Street)
NICMOS Observations of Faint and Distant Galaxies
May 13, 1998 Phil Goode (NJIT)
The Sun From Big Bear
May 20, 1998 Carme Gallart (Santa Barbara Street)
Star formation in Local Group dSph Galaxies. How much and When ?
May 27, 1998 Alan Dressler (Santa Barbara Street)
Surface-Brightness-Fluctuation Distances to Galaxies: Large-scale Flows and the Great Attractor

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