Astronomy Colloquia at Caltech for 1998-1999

Note: Effective Sep. 1999, R.Blandford is now the chair of the colloquium committee. This schedule is for historic purposes only.

Colloquia are Wednesdays at 4 pm in room 155 Arms

Tea at 3:45 pm in the astrophysics library in Robinson

October 7 Maarten Schmidt (Caltech)
Scenarios for the Number Density and the Redshift Distribution of Gravitational Bursts
October 14 Jim Condon (NRAO)
The NRAO VLA Sky Survey: Real Astronomy with Radio Surveys?
October 21 Chris Kochanek (Harvard)
The CASTLES Gravitational Lens Survey
October 28 Jim Gunn (Princeton)
The Inaugural Jesse Greenstein Lecture
November 4 Jay Frogel
A Brief History of Star Formation and Metal Enrichment in the Bulge of the Milky Way
November 11 Ed Salpeter (Cornell)
Giant Galaxies, Dwarfs and Clouds
November 18 Dimitar Sasselov (CFA/Harvard)
Stellar Microscopy: Imaging by Gravitational Microlensing
November 25 Reem Sari (Caltech)
Towards Solving the Gamma Ray Burst Mystery
December 2 David Willner (CFA/SAO)
Present and Future Tests of Star Formation Theories
Jan. 6 Ivan King (UC Berkeley)
HST Proper Motions in Globular Clusters
Jan. 13 Steve Kahn (Columbia University)
The Dawning of Astrophysical X-Ray Spectroscopy: Promise and Problems
Jan. 20 Guinevere Kauffmann (MPI/Garching/Germany
The Clustering of Galaxies and its Evolution to High Redshift
Jan. 27 Andrew Blain (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge England)
The Opening of the Sub-mm Regime for Extragalactic Objects
February 3 Joanne Baker (U.C.Berkeley)
Imaging the CMB With the Cambridge Anisotropy Telescope
February 10 Christine Jones (CFA)
Mergers, Filaments, and the Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies
February 17 Vicky Kaspi (MIT)
The Youngest Neutron Stars
February 24 Patricia Henning (U. of New Mexico)
Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance
March 3 Ken Freeman (Australia)
The Rotating Dark Halo of NGC 2915
March 10 David Merritt (Rutgers)
Dynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies
March 31 Lori Lubin (Caltech)
The Study of Nine High-Redshift Clusters of Galaxies
April 7 Andrew Gould (Ohio State)
Some Proposed Precision Measurements
April 14 Jacqueline Van Gorkom (Columbia University) (Cancelled)
Wendy Freedman (Carnegie Observatories)
The HST H0 Key Project: Summing It Up
April 21 Peter Goldreich (Caltech)
Seismology of White Dwarfs
April 28 Christine Wilson (McMaster University, Canada)
A Close-Up View of a Merger System: Molecular Gas and Star Formation in the Antennae
May 5 Gus Evrard (University of Michigan)
Large-Scale Structure in Virtual Worlds: A Status Report
May 12 John Carlstrom (University of Chicago)
Cosmology with the Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect; Results and Future Prospects
May 19 T. Padmanabhan (India)
Facets of Non-linear Gravitational Clustering
May 26 Edward Wright (UCLA)
The Cosmic InfraRed Background and SIRTF

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