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Update, 6/7/06: Version 3.3. Updated stellar masses with estimates based on an age-restricted prior. Now using same version number as EGS catalogs.
    Previous mass estimates compared observed SEDs to a grid of models that were not restricted to have ages less than the age of the universe at the redshift of the observed galaxy. This effect was expected to be small and my aim was to use the simplest of priors. Indeed the effect is small (typically <0.1 dex, see below) and less than the typcial uncertainty, but becomes noticeable in a large sample. For this reason, I have estimated new masses using this age-restricted prior.
    The significance of this effect can be seen in this distribution from the EGS of the difference between the new, age-restricted masses and the previous estimates. This plot shows the difference as a function of redshift.

Update, 11/15/05: Updated 32 and 42 with better masses for objects with faint optical mags.

Update, 11/05/05: The catalogs for Fields 32 and 42 have been updated with new JK photometry from the October 2005 WIRC run. New objects and stellar masses are also included.

Update, 8/5/05: The catalogs now include redshifts and masses for the latest DEEP2 zcat catalog (as of July 1, 2005).

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