Better Young Star Physics Through Variability

With Lynne Hillenbrand and the PTF collaboration, we are carrying out a three-year, nightly cadence survey of the North America Nebula star-forming region. The relatively high cadence and long time coverage, combined with new techniques for analyzing time series, are giving us an unprecedented look at the aperiodic variability of thousands of young stars on timescales ranging from days to years. While periodic variability has been used previously to study the rotation evolution of young stars, our focus on aperiodic variability will help constrain a variety of other phenomena, including accretion and the structure of circumstellar disks.


"Disk-Related Bursts and Fades in Young Stars", Findeisen, Krzysztof; Hillenbrand, Lynne; Ofek, Eran; Levitan, David; Sesar, Branimir; Laher, Russ; Surace, Jason (2013), The Astrophysical Journal, 768, 93 ADS

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