I am currently a Jansky Research Fellow, with a joint appointment at the NRAO and Caltech. The focus of my research is astrophysical transient phenomena (cataclysmic events in our Universe that occur on human timescale), especially neutron star mergers. I am the Principal Investigator of the JAGWAR program on the VLA, dedicated to the study of the radio afterglows of gravitational wave sources. I obtained my PhD in 2015 from Caltech, where I helped develop a new observing mode, called On-the-Fly Mapping, for the VLA, which revolutionized the search for astrophysical transients at radio wavelengths. During my PhD, I was also a Grote Reber Fellow of the NRAO. Thereafter, I held the Hintze Fellowship at the University of Oxford, where I expanded the transients program to other telescopes such as the Arcminute MicroKelvin Imager in the UK and the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in India. I spend most of my time studying about our fascinating Universe. Outside of study and research, I find great interest in all kinds of sports and performing arts.
Last updated: 31 Dec 2017