Currently I am a Hintze Research Fellow at the Centre for Astrophysical Surveys in the Oxford University. My primary research focus is radio surveys and transients. During my PhD, I worked with Shri Kulkarni, Dale Frail, Gregg Hallinan, Steve Myers, and many others on exploring the dynamic radio sky through large VLA surveys coupled with optical surveys and multi-wavelength follow-up. My move to Oxford has been quite pleasant. Leaving behind the lively astronomy department at Caltech and the majestic San Gabriel mountains in Pasadena, I have now started developing a close relationship with a vibrant astrophysics community in a place with rich heritage and beautiful architecture. I spend most of my time studying about our fascinating Universe. Outside of study and research, I find great interest in all kinds of sports and performing arts.
Last uodated: 02 Mar 2014