-- Ph 7 --
Physics Laboratory

  2011-12 Spring Term, Caltech
  Lab Schedule: Recitation on Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning, lab on Wednesday 1-4pm (202 E. Bridge).
                            Head: Dr. Frank Rice
                            TA:   Kunal Mooley 
                            UTA:  Franz Sauer
  Required Text: Your Lab Manual.

  Instructions regarding submissions

  1. You are expected to answer the pre-lab questions given in the lab manual and submit the answer sheet during recitation.
  2. Lab notebooks will be due at noon on the following Monday. I will grade and return them to you during recitation.

  Instructions regarding data analysis

   All analysis should be preferably done in Mathematica; you are expected to use the CurveFit package in Mathematica to do curve fitting. Click here for relevant details on how to gett Mathematica and CurveFit installed on your computer. General appendices left out of the lab manual can be found here.

  Grading Policy

   20% recitation
  • understanding of the physics involved in the upcoming experiment (reading of lab manual)
  • understanding of the experimental procedure (reading of lab manual)
  • pre-lab problems
  • being on time for the recitation
  • Extra reading about the experiment / physics involved (reading of outside material; if aiming for A+)
   40% work done during lab
  • understanding of the required precision and accuracy in the experiment, and taking data accordingly
  • taking ample, useful notes during the lab (including a brief writeup on the aim, apparatus & procedure)
  • in-lab analysis
  • data-taking technique, use of equipment, and completing the lab on time
  • going beyond the lab manual (if aiming for A+)
   40% lab notebook
  • accuracy and comleteness of data analysis (fitting and statistics)
  • in-depth explaination of the data and result(s) based on your knowledge of physics
  • discussion of errors/uncertainties (random & systematic) involved in the experiment and sen in the data
  • going beyond the lab manual (if aiming for A+)
  • Results and conclusions
  • on time submission
Discipline and organization are key ingredients to becoming a physicist. Hence, abiding by the instructions on lab safety and lab conduct (given in the lab manual) is very important. Any indiscipline in this regard will adversely affect your grade.

  Collaboration Policy

  1. I encourage you to discuss among yourself and/or with the TA regarding the physics, the experimental apparatus, the data-taking methods, and the analyses involved in the experiments.
  2. However, you are expected to perform the experiment as well as take the data *yourself*, and maintain your own lab notebook (+ lab-notes).
  3. Please consult your TA / Dr. Frank Rice if you feel that a certain experimental apparatus is not functioning as expected.
  4. Remember that copying of data / analyses / conclusion will not be tolerated.

  Recitation Schedule

                                (Tuesday evening)
                                18:00 Jong Yeon Lee
                                18:30 Julia Ziac
                                19:00 Paul Reshetikhin
                                19:30 John Pharo
                                20:00 Daniel Lo

                                (Wednesday morning)
                                10:00 Cutter Coryell
                                10:30 Madiha Hussain
                                11:00 Scott Yantek
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