Research on the North American Nebula

Palomar Observatory Sky Survey image (courtesy of Scott Kardel) of the North American Nebula / Pelican Nebula region, located in the Galactic Plane towards Cygnus:

A multiwavelength view.

The following shows the same POSS image now compared to molecular line data (obtained with J. Carpenter). The square outline shows the area covered by our VRI imaging photometry and 5500-8800A spectroscopic survey.

The images to the left parallel the left two panels above, but now showing a closeup 1 x 1 deg^2 portion of the dark cloud at visible (POSS) and infrared (2MASS) wavelengths -- both of these pictures are courtesy of Gene Kopan at IPAC. Herbig's small cluster of LkHa objects is towards the left edge of the frame, about 40% of the way up from the bottom.

I am (still) working on an analysis of the stellar population associated with this star-forming region. Some of the early work is summarized in this 1998 era poster paper (from PP-IV) but the best effort thus far is the paper by Rebull et al. (2011). We have also identified two outbursting objects in this region from optical montoring - PTF10nvg = HBC 722 (Miller et al. 2011) and PTF10nvg = IRAS 20496+4354 (Covey et al. 2011).

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