Teacher Training
Completed MIT class 8.395J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering (Spring 2009)
Teaching Experience
Guest Lecturer for Mount Allison University Life in the Universe Class (November 2011)
Teaching Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1. 8.901 Astrophysics I (Spring 2012)
  2. 12.815 Radiation in Atmospheres (Fall 2010)
  3. 12.690 Transiting Exoplanets (Spring 2008)
Teaching Assistant, University of Ottawa
  1. PHY2004 Travaux pratiques en physique/Practical Physics Laboratory (Spring 2006)
  2. PHY2337 Mechanics II and PHY2737 Méchanique II (Spring 2005)
Peer Tutor, University of Ottawa (2003-2006)
Research Advising
Sebastian Pineda, Graduate Student, California Institute of Technology  (2012-Present)
Adam Maxwell, Boston Area High School Student  (Co-Advised with Darin Ragozzine, 2011)