Teaching and Mentoring
Teacher Training
Caltech Postdoctoral Association Mentoring Workshop (In progress, Spring/Summer 2014)
Completed MIT class 8.395J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering (Spring 2009)
Teaching Experience
Guest Lecturer  
  1. Florida Institute of Technology, Planetary Interiors Class (Fall 2013)
  2. California Institute of Technology, Planetary Habitability Class (Fall 2012)
  3. Mount Allison University, Life in the Universe Class (Fall 2011)
Teaching Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1. 8.901 Astrophysics I (Spring 2012)
  2. 12.815 Radiation in Atmospheres (Fall 2010)
  3. 12.690 Transiting Exoplanets (Spring 2008)
Teaching Assistant, University of Ottawa
  1. PHY2004 Travaux pratiques en physique/Practical Physics Laboratory (Spring 2006)
  2. PHY2337 Mechanics II and PHY2737 Méchanique II (Spring 2005)
Peer Tutor, University of Ottawa (2003-2006)
Research Advising
Ellen Price, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, Caltech  (May 2013-Present)
Howard Chen, UROP Fellow, Boston University (March 2014 - Present)
Adam Maxwell, Boston Area High School Student  (Co-Advised with Darin Ragozzine, 2011)