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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Hameetman auditorium (Cahill)
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2013 - 2014 season:
2 September 2013 NO TEA TALK (LABOR DAY)

9 September 2013 NO TEA TALK ( ''Fifty Years of Quasars'' conference )
16 September 2013 George Becker (IoA, Cambridge)

"Insights into Cosmic Reionization from the Evolution of the UV Background"

23 September 2013 Diana Dragomir (LCOGT/UCSB)

"Small planets around bright stars"

30 September 2013 Wen-fai Fong (CfA)

"Unveiling the Progenitors of Short-duration Gamma-ray Bursts"

7 October 2013 Paul Torrey (CfA)

"The Illustris Project: Populating the Hubble Sequence in Cosmological Simulations"

14 October 2013 Sebastian Daemgen (Toronto)

"New Sub-stellar Companions and Stellar Multiplicity in the Taurus Star-Forming Region"

21 October 2013 Edmond Cheung (UCSC)

"Galaxy Zoo, barred galaxies and secular evolution"

28 October 2013 Chris Hayward (ITS, Heidelberg)

"Advances in galaxy-formation simulations: calculating mock observables & using a more-accurate numerical technique"

4 November 2013 Brendan Bowler (GPS, Caltech)

"The Outer Architecture of M Dwarf Planetary Systems Revealed Through High-Contrast Imaging"

11 November 2013 Chat Hull (Berkeley)

"From clouds to cores to envelopes to disks: a multi-scale view of magnetized star formation"

18 November 2013 Anna Nierenberg (UCSB)

"Bright and dark: satellite galaxies as a test of galaxy formation and the nature of dark matter"

25 November 2013 Ben Shappee (Ohio State)

"The All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae"

2 December 2013 CANCELLED

TUESDAY 10 December 2013 Andrew Skemer (Arizona)

"The Mid-Infrared Properties of Directly Imaged Planets"

16 December 2013 Nienke van der Marel (Leiden)

"Planet formation in action: the role of dust trapping in transitional disks"

--- (Winter break)

13 January 2014 Andreas Schulze (IPMU)

"Tracing the growth history of the active black hole population with the black hole mass function"


27 January 2014 Yossi Shvartzvald (Tel-Aviv University)

"Results form OGLE-MOA-Wise microlensing survey"

3 February 2014 Jack Sayers (Caltech)

"A Measurement of the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect with Bolocam"

10 February 2014 Alberto Pepe (Harvard)

"Data-driven articles in astronomy with Authorea"

TUESDAY 18 February 2014 Ryan Foley (Illinois)

"The Most Common "Peculiar" Supernova"

24 February 2014 Katherine Alatalo (IPAC)

"Molecular gas, AGNs, star formation and galaxy evolution: a local look at galaxies undergoing the transition"

3 March 2014 Caitlin Casey (UC Irvine)

"The unobscured light from dust-obscured galaxies"

10 March 2014 Anja von der Linden (Stanford)

"Weighing the Giants: Accurate Weak Lensing Mass Measurements for Cosmological Cluster Surveys"

17 March 2014 Jeff Filippini, Sergi Hildebrandt, Roger O'Brient, Zak Staniszewski and Grant Teply (Caltech) for the BICEP2 collaboration

"Detection of b-mode polarization at degree scales with BICEP2"

24 March 2014 Avi Shporer (Caltech)

"Atmospheric characterization of the hot Jupiter exoplanet Kepler-13Ab: Hot and shiny"

31 March 2014 Warren Skidmore (TMT)

"Thirty Meter Telescope: The Next Generation of Ground Based Optical/Infra Red Observatory"

7 April 2014 Valentino Gonzalez (UC Riverside)

"The specific Star Formation Rate Plateau and the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies between z~8 and z~4"

14 April 2014 Neil Crighton (Swinburne)

"The distribution of metals in the z~2.5 circumgalactic medium"

21 April 2014 Karin Sandstrom (Arizona)

"Star Formation and the Cold Interstellar Medium in Nearby Galaxies"

28 April 2014 Ciro Donalek (Caltech)

"Multidimensional parameter space, the final frontier"

5 May 2014 Rosalba Perna (Stony Brook)

"Highly magnetic neutron stars: bewildering astrophysical laboratories and cosmological tools"

12 May 2014 Dong Lai (Cornell)

"Star-protoplanetary disk-binary interactions and formation of Hot Jupiters"

19 May 2014 Shea Garrison-Kimmel (UC Irvine)

"Lessons in Near-Field Cosmology from Simulating the Local Group"

TUESDAY 27 May 2014 Guillermo Blanc (Carnegie)

"IZI: Inferring Metallicities and Ionization Parameters with Bayesian Statistics"

2 June 2014 Tony Piro (Caltech)

"The Exploding Field of Astrophysical Transients"

9 June 2014

More astronomy-related talks
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