My main focus is on the C-Band All-Sky Survey (C-BASS) which is mapping the entire polarized sky at 5 GHz. At this frequency, the Galactic emission is dominated by synchrotron and uncorrupted by Faraday rotation.

This map will be valuable to the cosmological community as a foreground map; it will be used to correct future Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments for foreground emission. This then will hopefully allow for the eventual discovery of B-mode polarization anisotropies in the CMB, giving us our first empirical hints constraints on the inflationary period of the early Universe.

In the meantime, I'm using the C-BASS data to study the diffuse emission of the Galactic interstellar medium. I'm particularly interested in the anomalous microwave emission, possibly due to to nonthermal emission from the smallest stardust grains.

Studies of the Anomalous Microwave Emission

I'm also spending a fair bit of time developing a number of projects to better understand the anomalous microwave emission in various environments of the ISM. More to come as these projects continue...