Michael Bottom

High Contrast Imaging Group
Jet Propulsion Lab
California Institute of Technology
818 354 8381
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I am an experimental astrophysicist. My research interests are the detection and characterization of extrasolar planets and their host stars, and I pursue these goals primarily by building, developing, and using new instruments. I currently work in the field of high-contrast imaging, but also have extensive experience with radial velocity exoplanet instrumentation.

I received BAs in physics and mathematics from Columbia University in 2008, and worked at a hedge fund as a professional stock trader for the following year before returning to scientific research in Amber Miller's CMB group. I received my PhD in astrophysics from Caltech in 2016, jointly advised by Shri Kulkarni and John Johnson, and was supported by a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship during my graduate studies. I joined the staff of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab immediately afterwards.

Aside from astrophysics, I am interested in optics, electronics, and programming. 

Here is a short version of my CV.