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AY101 - Physics of Stars
Fall 2011
Instructor: Wal Sargent
Physics of stellar interiors and atmospheres. Properties of stars, stellar spectra, radiative transfer, line formation. Stellar structure, stellar evolution. Nucleosynthesis in stars. Stellar oscillations.
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AY126 - Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium
Winter 2011
Instructors: Anneila Sargent, Nick Scoville
Physical processes in the interstellar medium. Ionization, thermal and dynamic balance of interstellar medium, molecular clouds, hydrodynamics, magnetic fields, H II regions, supernova remnants, star formation, global structure of the interstellar medium.
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AY105 - Optical Instrumentation Lab
Spring 2012
Instructors: Lynne Hillenbrand, Chris Martin
An opportunity for astronomy and physics undergraduates (juniors and seniors) to gain firsthand experience with the basic instrumentation tools of modern optical and infrared astronomy. The 10 weekly lab experiments are expected to include radiometry measurements, geometrical optics, optical aberrations and ray tracing, spectroscopy, fiber optics, CCD electronics, CCD characterization, photon counting detectors, vacuum and cryogenic technology, and stepper motors and encoders.
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