I am currently a graduate student at Caltech, working in the NuSTAR group led by my advisor prof. Fiona Harrison. My reserach is focused on observations and modeling of active galactic nuclei. Using X-ray spectroscopy, as well as observations at other wavelengths, I am trying to better understand the structures surrounding supermassive black holes.

My last name ends with a "ć", which is a Croatian character read as "ch". I am originally from Zagreb, Croatia; I studied physics at the University of Zagreb and astrophysics at the University of Split, where I got my M.Sc. I have been an International Fulbright Science and Technology Fellow for the first three years of graduate school, and a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow since then. A more detailed CV can be found here.

On these pages you can find more details about my reserach. A complete list of my publications is here. To get in touch, please send me an e-mail or find me in the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, office #255.

News and Latest Updates

  • 2017 Feb 28 -- new paper published (led by junior graduate student Y. Xu) -- ApJ, 837, 21 (ADS)
  • 2017 Jan 04 -- talk at the AAS Winter Meeting in Grapevine, TX -- talk schedule
  • 2016 Dec 22 -- new spectral templates for broadband X-ray modeling of the AGN torus -- here
  • 2016 Dec 05 -- talk at the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department (TAC seminar) -- abstract
  • 2016 Nov 14-17 -- NuSTAR Science Meeting in Pasadena, CA -- conference website

Research Topics

My work covers various topics in studies of supermassive black holes and active galactic nuclei. You can find more details about my research projects here. Below is a word cloud generated from the titles and abstracts of the papers I significantly contributed to (find them here):

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