Ay121: Radiative Processes

Fall 2013

Instructor: Christian Ott, 338 Cahill (cott AT tapir.caltech.edu)

Gregg Hallinan, 277 Cahill (gh AT astro.caltech.edu)

TA: Marin Anderson, 264 Cahill (mmanders AT astro.caltech.edu)

Michael Eastwood, 253 Cahill (mweastwood AT astro.caltech.edu)

Textbook: Radiative Processes in Astrophysics (Rybicki & Lightman) [Caltech Library ebook]

References: Tony Readhead’s notes

Physics of Astrophysics I: Radiation (Shu)

High-Energy Astrophysics (Longair)

Principles of Modern Physics (Leighton)

Course hours: Wednesday 2:30-4:00pm; Friday 9:00-10:30am

Recitation Hours: Monday 5pm to 6pm (or earlier) in the classroom

TA Office Hours: None scheduled (but we are available via email and in our office)

Homework: Due on Fridays

Oral mid-term exam: Pass/Fail, Week of 10/28 -- 11/03

Final exam: Take-home, 12/11 -- 12/13

Grades: 75% Homework + 25% Final (take-home) Exam