LAMP Preview Gallery

LuckyCam, Adaptive Optics, Aperture Masking and Polarization @ Palomar

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The LAMP Team: Nicholas Law, Craig Mackay, Mike Ireland, Peter Tuthill, Henry Woodruff, Jamie Lloyd, Gordon Robertson, Anna Moore, Rich Dekany

Example PSF - 710nm, 0.8 arcsec seeing. 2 July 2007.

M13 Core - 7 July 2007

SDSS i' + SDSS z' colour image

LAMP + PALMAO, 770nm (SDSS i'), 0.6 arcsec seeing.

50 second exposure (10% selection from 500 seconds). Strehl ~0.1. LAMP's resolution is best towards the middle-bottom of the frame (near the guide star).

HST ACS 660nm 90-second exposure (drizzled, calibrated)

LAMP PSFs have large halos around the stars but the PSF cores are 2X more compact than HST.

Seeing-limited, 10 arcsec FOV, 0.6 arcsec seeing.