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A few panoramic shots from my travels. They are stitched together from 3 or more images using the extremely cunning free program Autostitch. My current camera is a Canon Ixus 40 which does surprisingly well despite being roughly the size of a credit card. The earlier images are from my old Kodak DC3400. Click for larger versions.

A 360-degree panorama from the SEST submillimetre telescope, La Silla Observatory, Chile. Taken during our June 2006 observing run on the NTT at La Silla. Large version is 4MB!
A view from the Aiguille du Midi summit, Chamonix, France. 3842m high (ish). All the other days on this trip had too low visibility to even do any hillwalking but this one turned out rather well.
Sunset over the south end of La Palma, Canary Islands. Taken from near the summit of the Roque de los Muchachos during an observing run at the Nordic Optical Telescope. Exceptionally clear! We had four excellent nights in this run and took about 1TB of data.
Whalewatching in the St Lawrence river. We were based in Tadoussac, the oldest village in Canada. There's a thunderstorm in the distance (heading towards us) which we somehow avoided.
Late summer 2004, Islay (a small Scottish island).
The Nordic Optical Telescope (left) from just below the summit of the Roque de los Muchachos during our 2004 LuckyCam run. Clouds getting a bit too close to the telescope for my liking...

more to come...

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