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Refereed Journal Papers

The Palomar Transient Factory: Science Planning

A. Rau, S. Kulkarni, N.M. Law et al 2008 PASP (submitted)

Getting Lucky with Adaptive Optics: Fast Image Selection in the Visible with a Large Telescope

N.M. Law, C.D. Mackay, R.G. Dekany, M. Ireland, J.P. Lloyd, A.M. Moore, J.G. Robertson, P. Tuthill, H. C. Woodruff 2008 ApJ (in press)

Taking the Measure of the Universe: Precision Astrometry with SIM PlanetQuest

S.C. Unwin, et al. 2008 PASP 120 8U

The LuckyCam Survey for Very Low Mass Binaries II: 13 new M4.5-M6.0 Binaries

N.M. Law, S.T. Hodgkin, C.D. Mackay 2008 MNRAS 384 150L

The Orbit of the Visual Binary ADS 8630 (Gamma Vir)

M. Scardia, R.W. Argyle, J.L. Prieur, L. Pansecchi, S. Basso, N.M. Law, C.D. Mackay 2007 Ast. Nachr. 328.146

Lucky Imaging: High Angular Resolution Imaging in the Visible from the Ground

N.M. Law, C.D. Mackay, J.E. Baldwin 2006 A&A 446, 739-745

Discovery of five very low mass close binaries, resolved in the visible with Lucky Imaging.

N.M. Law, S.T. Hodgkin, C.D. Mackay 2005 MNRAS 368 1917L

A Search for X-Ray Flashes with XMM-Newton

N.M. Law, R. Rutledge, S.R. Kulkarni. 2004 MNRAS 350 1079

Selected Refereed Conference Proceedings

Getting lucky with adaptive optics: diffraction-limited resolution in the visible with current AO systems on large and small telescopes

N.M. Law, R.G. Dekany, C.D. Mackay, et al. 2008 SPIE 7015     PDF version

CAMERA: a compact, automated, laser adaptive optics system for small aperture telescopes

M. Britton, V. Velur, N.M. Law, et al. 2008 SPIE 7015     PDF version

Diffraction limited imaging in the visible from large ground-based telescopes: new methods for future instruments and telescopes

C.D. Mackay, N.M. Law, T.D. Stayley 2008 SPIE 7014

Astrometric detection of exo-Earths in the presence of stellar noise

J. Catanzarite, N.M. Law, M. Shao 2008 SPIE 7013

The 12Kx8K CCD mosaic camera for the Palomar Transient Factory

G. Rahmer, R. Smith, V. Velur, et al. 2008 SPIE 7014

Lucky imaging and speckle discrimination for the detection of faint companions with AO

S. Gladysz, J. Christou, N.M. Law, et al. 2008 SPIE 7015


10 New Very Low Mass Close Binaries Resolved in the Visible.
Nicholas Law, Simon Hodgkin, Craig Mackay.

Poster paper presented at the IAC-TNG Workshop on Ultralow-mass star formation and evolution workshop La Palma

Lucky Imaging: High Resolution Imaging in the Visible from the Ground.
Nicholas Law, Craig Mackay, John Baldwin.

Poster paper presented at the National Astronomy Meeting, Birmingham 2005.

High-resolution imaging in the visible from the ground without adaptive optics: new techniques and results
Craig Mackay, John Baldwin, Nicholas Law, Peter Warner

Presented at SPIE 2004 Glasgow, Ground-based Instrumentation for Astronomy.

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