SED Machine Camera 3/4 Bonding

The SED Machine camera is a 125-mm f/5 Petzval-styled lens with a 17-degree full field of view. Since the exit-pupil of the camera is in the middle of a large prism, the camera is sized to operate at f/3. Because the SED Machine is designed to pump out classifications, broad wavelength range is essential. The camera thus operates over a wavelength range from 370 - 920 nm. In a matter of hours I will be able to test the camera for the first time.

We pot our lenses in cells with room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) epoxy (as described in a previous post). We are using RTV60 to pot lenses into their aluminum cells. The method is to center the lenses in their aluminum cells using three precision pins as shown in the figure below.

The UCLA IR Laboratory coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) is used to confirm the position of Camera 3/4.

SED machine camera 3/4 - potting

SED Machine camera 3/4 doublet in its cell.