SED Machine Camera 1/2 Bonding

Today we potted the achromatic doublet of the SED Machine spectrograph camera 1/2 in its aluminum cell.

We pot our lenses in cells with room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) epoxy (as described in a previous post). We are using RTV60 to pot lenses into their aluminum cells. The method is to center the lenses in their aluminum cells using three precision pins as shown in the figure below.

The UCLA IR Laboratory coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) is used to confirm the position of each optic pre and post bond. Camera 12 is shown below with the CMM's Renishaw tip for scale. The post-potted element is also shown.

SED machine camera 12 - potting
SED machine camera 12 - potting

The camera is a Petzval-styled lens.