SED Machine Collimator Potted

The SED Machine collimator is a f/4 125-mm focal length lens that accepts a telecentric beam and has a 13-degree corner-to-corner field of view. The exit pupil is a good 120 mm away from the exit of the collimator in order to minimize the size of the dispersing prism.

The lens design took several months. Production took longer. Glass blanks were purchased, optics polished, and finally coated by a slew of vendors including Ohara Glass (Japan), Heraeus Quarzglass (Germany), ISP Optical (USA), Hal Johnson (USA), and Cascade Optical (USA). Managing all these different pieces gave me multiple headaches, but I'm please to say that all optics are mounted to within a few tens of microns. I spent the past week at UCLA (thanks Ian McLean and Ted Aliado) confirming the position of all the optics.

Check out the images below. The images


Test paper target.


SED Machine collimator images with a Canon camera focused at infinity. The image seen in the collimator looks nice and sharp, as predicted. Seeing this image is exciting for me, and even more work is needed to finish.


SED Machine collimator in all its glory.


SED Machine camera in its V-block mount.