SED Machine, Finder Telescope, Sagi Ben-Ami

A few days ago an Orion ΓΈ80-mm telescope arrived. This telescope will possibly be used as a finder telescope for the SED Machine. One of Marin Anderson's projects is to make an automated sky-monitoring system with this little telescope. It can also be used to test some photometry experiments.

The ED80 telescope was tested on the roof of Cahill. We could not find focus, however, we did see a large out of focus star move across the field.

Load applied as a function of displacement.

During the rest of the day Sagi Ben-Ami [who is visiting from Weizmann institute] continued work on an SED Machine optical test setup. Sagi is going to test his optical system in the lab by mimicing the P60. This requires some careful raytracing with zemax to figure out the position of the rays as they enter the system, which Sagi has done. Thus Sagi has designed a telescope simulator that represents the pupil position through the secondary and field lens on just a few feet of aluminum. He has also produced a number of nice shop drawings for the mechanical setup to hold all of these pieces together.


Work continues on the IRMS design document. Today I adapted Harland Epps' work from the MOSFIRE pdr documentation. It goes without saying that Har's work is inspiring!