Ye Quan-Zhi


My name is Quan-Zhi (QZ). I am a postdoctoral astronomer at Caltech/IPAC. I am interested in the small bodies of the solar system, such as asteroids, comets and meteoroids.

I use the 1.2-m Samuel Oschin telescope at Palomar Observatory as well as a range of worldwide facilities in the GROWTH consortium to study the population of asteroids and comets in our solar system. Apart from my day (night) work, I am an avid stargazer and plays string instrument in orchestras and chamber music groups.

Education and Professional Experience

Most Recent Scientific Papers

  • Chang et al. (2017): Confirmation of Large Super-fast Rotator (144977) 2005 EC127. [NASA/ADS]
  • Ye (2017): A Search of Reactivated Comets. [arXiv][NASA/ADS]
  • Hui, Ye and Wiegert (2017): Constraints on Comet 332P/Ikeya-Murakami. [NASA/ADS]
  • Ye, Brown and Pokorný (2016): Dormant comets among the near-Earth object population: a meteor-based survey. [Blog][arXiv][NASA/ADS]
  • Kleyna et al. (2016): The Progressive Fragmentation of 332P/Ikeya–Murakami. [NASA/ADS]
You can find a list of my publication on NASA/ADS, Google Scholar or Research Gate.


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